Monday, May 7, 2012

S.H. Figuarts Gokai Pink

I love Gokai Pink so when I saw she had a Figuart version, I knew I needed it.  Since she is an Exclusive release, her price range would make anyone think twice before getting her.  Thankfully, my cousin, the one who gave me Gokai Red as a present, was able to find one for me at a reasonable price.  She was everything I expected from the pictures.  Her shade of pink is very beautiful.  Pose her princess like and it would just fit her right.  This is my holy grail of Gokaiger Figuart.  Not much pictures, only had her for like a month and was pretty busy.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Vs Space Sheriff Gavan (Subbed by O-T and MCS)

The movie starts with the Gokai Galleon being attacked by Gavan’s ship.  The Gokaigers fight back using the Port Galleon Cannon but Gavan’s ship turns into a dragon and manages to bring down the Galleon.  Gokai Silver, who was out buying dinner, witnesses this.  The Gokaigers confront their assailant who reveals himself as Space Sheriff Gavan.  He states he is arresting the Gokaigers for acts of piracy.  Gokai Pink and Green tries to reason out that those charges are just a Zangyack plot and he has no reason to arrest them.  Gavan does not respond and proceeds towards them.  They henshin and begin fighting.  Gavan eventually subdues them using his Laser Blade.  He takes their Gokai Cellulars.  

He presents them to Galactic Union Patrol Commander Weaver.  He calls for their immediate execution.  As his guards lead them away, Gavan asks what exactly the charges against them are, since they claim they have not done anything wrong.  Commander Weaver responds saying he should not believe anything the pirates say.  Gavan insists on knowing and Commander Weaver states that their crime is defying the Zangyack.  As the guards prepare to fire, Gavan hears what he wants to hear and presses a device which releases the Gokaigers handcuffs.  He then draws his sword to Commander Weavers’ neck.  The Gokaigers attack the guards which are revealed to be Gormins.  Gavan apologizes to the Gokaigers and states that this was the only way to get the imposter to reveal himself.  Asurada of the Zangyack reveals himself and compliments Gavan.  However, he states it is far too late.  Gavan Bootleg shows himself, stated to be a combination of the most advanced technology of both Zangyack and the Galactic Union.  They fight a little and Gavan gets pushed back.  Gormins surround the heroes.  Gavan tells them to run and returns their Gokai Cellulars.  He says “You can count on courage” and performs a gesture which Gokai Red recognizes.  He rushes off, henshins and begins fighting Gavan Bootleg.  While the other Gokaigers henshins, Gokai Red stares at Gavan and begins to reminisce.  Gokai Silver arrives with his mecha and the team gets on.  Asurada says he’ll get them later and tells Gavan Bootleg to take Gavan into Makuu Space.  Gavan cannot believe it since the Makuu Space Mafia has been destroyed.  Basco is seen watching the events.  

At the Galleon, Gokai Red recounts his experience of meeting Gavan when he was a kid.  He was stowing away in a freighter when it came under Zangyack fire.  He was trapped on a high balcony when someone called for him to jump.  Though hesitant at first, he eventually did after some encouraging words.  The crew realizes that Gokai Red owes his life to Gavan.  Basco suddenly calls and offers information about Gavan.  At the Gigant Horse, Asurada is explaining himself before Ackdos Gil as to why he failed to execute the pirates.  At the same time, Basco tells them that Gavan is in Makuu Space.  Asurada explains he is related to former Makuu boss Don Horror.  He plans to catalyze the blood of Don Horror in his veins which will expand Makuu Space enough to even consume the Earth entirely.  To do this, he must torture his nemesis Gavan.  Basco divulges that Gavan is being kept at the top floor of Makuu Prison and that there has not been a single escape in its 2600 history.  He warns them not to go there as going there means death and leaves. 
A man appears escorting a panda and Gokai Green recognizes him as Gavan.  Gokai Silver quickly realizes the man is none other than Battle Kenya.  Gokai Blue spots another man who looks like Gavan but it is none other than Denzi Blue.  The Gokaigers are confused since both of them look exactly like Gavan.  Gokai Silver assures them both are completely different.  The two talk about how they are often mistaken for Gavan.  They them learn of Gavan’s situation and offer a way for the Gokaigers to get to Makuu Space.  They tell them to use their Ranger Keys.
They return to where Gavan was taken.  Gokai Red was hesitant to let the others come along since this was his business with Gavan.  The others tell him that since Gavan set his course, he also set their course as well.  Gokai Red accepts this and Gokai Blue and Green use the Ranger keys to open the portal to Makuu Space.  They head inside and find Makuu Prison.  Gavan is shown being whipped by Gavan Bootleg and Asurada states he can feel his blood boiling.  The Gokaiger stealthily make their way inside the Prison without detection.  They reach a corrider with many jail cells holding former villains and characters of the Super Sentai.  They all beg to be let out which causes a guard to notice them.  He sounds the alarm.  They free the prisoners and henshins to face the Gormin.  

Basco gloats while watching the empty Galleon, knowing they would head over to Makuu Space.  He starts toward the Galleon but gets into a fight with the Gobusters.  They fight to a draw and he retreats.  

Gokai Blue and Silver tell the others to go on ahead while they stay behind to deal with the Gormin.  They turn into Denzi Blue and Go-On Gold.  The others continue on.  Asurada tells Gavan Bootleg to activate Makuu City while Gavan wonders why the pirates are there in the first place.  The team arrives at a pocket design with old English architecture.  They are attacked by Elder and Sister.  Gokai Green and Yellow stay behind to deal with it while Gokai Red and Pink continue on.  They turn into Battle Kenya and Hurricane Yellow.  Gokai Red and Pink end up on a beach and are confronted by an enemy.  They turn into Gosei Red and Pink but quickly find that destroying the enemy just leads to a new one.  Gokai Pink sees the next door and tells Gokai Red to head for it.  Gokai Red kicks down the last door and arrives to the top of the prison.   He engages Gavan Bootleg in a lengthy fight.  He gets pushed back and loses his suit.  However, he manages to free Gavan by firing two bullets, one from his gun, the other from Gavan Bootleg’s gun, at a precise angle to ricochet off their swords and free Gavan from his restraints.  He tells Gavan to jump down, saving the man who saved him all those years ago.  Gokai Red then shoots the ground below forming a hole.  The others do the same.  Gokai Red and Gavan jump into the hole and land at the ground floor.  Gokai Silver takes outh the Gokai Galleon Buster and shoots it upward, destroying the Makuu Prison.  Gokai Blue and Green use the Ranger keys to open the portal and they return to Earth. 
Back on Earth, Gavan learns why the pirates rescued him.  Asurada follows them.  They all henshin and engage.  Gavan defeats Gavan Bootleg while the Gokaigers defeat Asurada.  He turns into a giant and states that Makuu Space will soon consume the entire universe.  Gokai Red summons the Gokai Galleon, Gokai Silver summons the GoZyu Drill while Gavan summons Cyber Star Beast Dol.  They form Kanzen Gokai-Oh which rides on top of Dol.  Gokai Red heads outside and along with Gavan, performs the  Marvelous Gavan Dynamic which destroys Asurada.

Afterwards, Gavan says Gokai Red has turned into a fine man and Gokai Red appreciates it.  Battle Kenya and Denji Blue show up and greets Gavan.  The team marvels at how much all three of them look alike.  Suddenly, a voice in the sky calls out to the heroes and tells them that those who sought their adventures in their youth have never seen the three of them transform together and request that they do it now.  All of them agree.  Gokai Blue and Green give the Battle Kenya and Denzi Blue Ranger keys to their respective owners and all three transforms.  Gokai Silver asks for their autograph.  The team watches Gavan take his leave abord the Gokai Galleon and Gokai Red bids a final farewell gesture to end the movie.

 My Final Opinion: 5/5
  • What a blast of a movie!  It was just as good and epic as 199 heroes.  I was nodding my approval near the end of the movie.  When Gokai Red stated this was their show stopping escape, I wholly agreed and the movie wasn’t even finished yet.  
  • I honestly had no idea who Gavan was so I did not know what to expect.  I liked what I saw.  It just proves how a few action poses, awesome theme music coupled with glowing eyes could elevate a costume from being just a costume during one of the most enjoyable fight scenes in the movie. 
  • I enjoyed Gavan’s fight with Gavan Bootleg a lot better than the Gokaigers with Asurada.  The all-pink was a real waste.  I wish they turned into the pinks with skirts so we would get to actually see a male version of it.  Only Gokai Red did it with Pteraranger.  Guess the costume department got lazy. 
  • I love Gokai Red and Pink being paired together.  Just… brilliant move Toei, just brilliant.  Thank you for those scenes.  Though I question the Hurricane Yellow scene, was it intentional?  Anyone would have noticed it.  It was just featured too much. 
  • The ending was fun but random.