Friday, October 5, 2012

Kamen Rider OOO Toy Fair (Birthday Post)

Yes, October 5 is my birthday.  I’ve been really busy the past month since I just got my first job.  I haven’t posted anything for September and I made it a point to post on my special day, so here I am. 

Get ready for a barrage of OCC Kamen Rider OOO pictures.  I have finally completed the OCC line last month, minus Birth, and I just can’t wait to showcase the beauty of having the ability to create hundreds of combos in an instant.  Also included are all the combos the series and movies have shown.  I tried my best to match up the OCC figures as close as possible to his on screen counterpart.  Enjoy! (If anyone wants to see a random combo not featured here, request away at the comments and I'll happily oblige!)

Here are some of the things I’ve noticed about this line after a year of collecting and playing.  Let’s do this in order.
Tatoba: The Taka head and the Tora claws are the best parts of this figure.  I can’t stress how much better the non transparent Tora claws look compared to the transparent one you get from Latorata combo.  The Taka head is the most often used head in the series and I felt so relieved when I finally got. 

Gatakiriba:  In my experience, this figure is best posed in a wide angled stance.  His legs can really pull it off and the blades, when positioned correctly, gives off a great look.  But let me tell you, I’ve had this figure for half a year, I still can’t figure out how to pose the grasshopper leg gimmick.  Best to stay clear of it, since you might break off a piece plastic on the ankles.  It happened to me.  It gets really hard to pop out the gimmick after a while.

Latorata: The best part is the leg part.  Those flaps just elevate the look to the next level.  One thing about my figure is how extremely crazy stiff the Tora arms are.  A lot of effort must be exerted to rotate the arms that at times; I fear I might break it.  It eventually loosens but one should always be careful.

Sagozo:  The very 1st one I bought and still my favorite.  I actually over paid for this one since I was ignorant and I’m still kicking myself for it.  The weakest part is the leg.  I am saying right now it rarely looks good on anything else.  It is like is meant to be only for the full combo.  The Sai head and Gorilla arms on the other hand are gorgeous with nearly any combo.  Though the arms on my figure keeps popping out once you pop in say a head or leg piece.  It loosens over time.

Tajador:  I’m saying this now.  This is the last figure I got but in the short span I have it in my possession, I can say the Taka head just doesn’t look good on any other combo.  It seems it is really meant only for Tajador or Super Tatoba.  The wings on the other hand, are to die for.  Gorgeous red wings that will make any combo shine.  I don’t have a Tamaashi stand so I am unable to pose it with the condor legs gimmick but I have no complaints with it so far, except that it hard to pop it out after a long time.

Shauta: Is this everyone’s least favorite combo?  It probably is but I’ll say this now.  The head looks good on a lot of random combos.  I have no idea how to pose the octopus leg gimmick although the whips are a nice accessory to have.  Do not skip on buying this, that’s all I can say.

Putotyranno:  I was blown away when I first held this in my hand.  The word to describe it is MONSTROUS.  Because of the wings and tail gimmick, it looks a lot bigger compared to the others.  I love the weapons included even though it is unpainted.  This is a figure to have.  It is a beast and it looks great!  The wings on the head are a great addition to random combos you won’t see anywhere else.    

S.H. Figuarts Vs OCC
My cousin possesses Gatakiriba to Putotyranno in the Figuarts line.  I’ve always wondered how different the OCC line so I placed mine beside his Figuarts.  I know the Figuarts line is clearly more detailed but honestly, after seeing and handling them, I prefer the OCC line. 

Here are my reasons:
I prefer the simplicity of the OCC compared to the work one has to put into posing Figuarts.  I’m talking about switching the hands just to put in say, the Tora claws. 

Of course, I love the gimmicks the OCC offers.

The Figuarts look smaller.

If I were to get any of the Figuarts, I would definitely grab Sagozo.  Without a doubt still the best OOO combo for me.

My cousin is selling his OOO Figuarts, including Tajador and its effect parts.  I don’t have any pics because I didn’t have OCC Tajador at the time.   

Here’s his Facebook account for those interested.