Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Memorable PBA matches

I have by no means seen every PBA match on Youtube or have an encyclopedic memory of the history of the PBA.  I have not seen the bowlers of yesteryears as much as the more current ones but from those I have seen, the list below are the ones that stayed with me until today.  Not in order, all very fun and inspiring matches featuring the most popular stars of the PBA.

Norm Duke Vs Mika Koivuniemi (2008 and 2011)
Both amazing matches.  Came down to the last frame for each.  2008 was a lot of fun to watch since you just can’t help but feel happy for Duke after he makes the bucket.  To think a pro as old and successful as he is can act like that inspires me to give my best on every shot.  I think I reacted the way he did when I first broke 200.  Just jumping up and down, not believing I actually did it. 
2011 was a stunner.  This time, you can’t help but feel bad for Mika.  We’ve all been there, to work so hard and one tiny mistake cost us so much.  Though you have to hand it to Duke, he struck out and doing that is not easy.  Those last 4 strikes, though not dead flush perfect, makes you notice how smooth Duke throws the ball.  Really beautiful the way ball rolls.



Walter Ray Vs Pete Weber (Japan Cup 2006)
A hall of fame match made even more special since WRW nearly shot a 300 and broke Earl Anthony’s record.  The match starts off with each of the legends matching each other strike for strike, but it was obvious Weber’s look to the pocket was not as dead eye accurate as Williams’.  WRW’s shot is one I would love to have someday and whenever I am in a slump, I’ll think back to this match and imagine that the pins I see in front of me are falling the way each time WRW throws the ball.  Two true masters of game, Norm Duke on commentary, Pete Weber crotch chops and an almost 300 game, what more could you ask for.

 Not to mention this high five pose as epic as any sentai hand off

Norm Duke Vs WRW (300 game)
Norm Duke becomes the 15th player to shoot a televised 300 game and it couldn’t have come against a better opponent as WRW.  Just look happy both of them are after Duke achieves the feat.  I doubt anyone else could provide a tall target for Duke to leap onto.  Just really a feel good match to watch.  Just thinking about these two great bowlers and friends as it seems smiling and celebrating together pus a smile on my face.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

WRW Vs Chris Barnes (2010)
Poor Chris Barnes falling victim to WRW at the Masters again.  But when WRW is throwing the ball so beautiful and perfect like that, it’s near impossible to beat him.  My favorite part is when Rob Stone says Good Lord on WRW’s 12th frame shot.

Will Duke Em’
A fun video to watch.  Listening to these two joke around with Jeanette Lee is pure gold.  Duke calling himself Yoda and WRW as Obi-Wan, priceless.  Not to mention these two living up to the expectations of teaming up together.  I ask, how is it fair to the other teams?  Were they really expected to beat a dream duo like these two?  I really love watching these shootouts since it is a different change of pace in terms of fun.  You get to hear some banter between the bowlers you would never hear in the serious tournaments.  Seeing guys smiling and laughing doing what they love is pure estacy.

Just type WD’E on youtube and enjoy seeing these two dominate the competition. (At 2:30, Duke is Yoda and Williams is Obi-Wan) (At about 3:00, a very fun segment of Duke and Williams explaining their team name)
Parker Bohn III Vs Wes Mallott
Wes Malott could not be beat on these lanes.  Shooting ridiculous numbers, he bowled two 300 hundred games in a span of 5 weeks.  But I chose this more for the humorous exchange between Parker Bohn III and Wes after the game was all but over.  Really funny stuff.

Kelly Kulick Vs Chris Barnes
As I’ve said before, Kelly just bowled so darn well.  A near perfect game except for that split in the 8th and victory shot in the 12th.