Friday, July 13, 2012

Kamen Rider 40 X Super Sentai 35

Kamen Rider Seitan 40 Shunen x Super Sentai Series 35 Sakuhin Kinen 40 x 35 Kanshasai Anniversary LIVE & SHOW

This is the joint celebration and concert for the 40th anniversary of Kamen Rider and 35th anniversary of Super Sentai.  It is a 2.79 GB file separated into two files and you can get it here,13.0.html (also, why not sign up while you’re at it.)  Though the size may be intimidating, let me say you are in for a treat for both the eyes and ears.  

First and foremost, you get a history lesson of the two beloved franchises with a montage showcasing the year each of the shows aired.  Next features a stage show with the heroes of Gokaiger and Fourze working together.  After that impressive montage of stage magic, you get to see the actors themselves interact with each other, though I have no idea what they’re saying since it has no subtitles.  You do get moments like this.  Yes, I am biased to Ahim and Gokai Pink, hihi.
We'll kill each other in Super Hero Taisen

The place exploded the moment he came in

The 2nd file features live performances of various theme songs used in the shows.  The 1st part features Kamen Rider songs, majority of which I am not familiar with.  The only ones I know are W’s and Fourze’s opening, where all the Heisei Riders showed up and the original Kamen Rider theme, where all the Showa Riders showed up, and my favorite, Power to Tearer.  

I was surprised this was there but I absolutely loved every minute of it.  Seeing Eiji again was a blast as well as Akira Kushida, who does those awesome vocals on the song.  This guy to my knowledge sang Sun Vulcan’s opening theme and Abaranger’s closing theme.  He, along with the guy who sang Gokaiger’s opening theme, sang the theme used in Gokaiger X Gavan.  But this amazing performer wasn’t finished, he then sings Gavan’s opening theme, which I am now familiar with after watching Gokaiger X Gavan numerous times.  Just like Fourze’s opening theme, Gavan makes an appearance. 

After some more Kamen Riders songs, the Gokaiger opening is sung.  Opening for Hurricanger, Dekaranger to Goseiger is then sung.  Next up is the Super Sentai Getter where all the previous Sentai singers got together and sang.  It is so cool to actually see and hear the respective singer of a series sing their lines within the Getter.  To top it off, all the Red Senshis showed up!  To close the show, the cast of both shows came out and along with the singers sang the ending theme of the OOO Wonderful movie.

This badly needs subtitles!  Also, Ankh should have been there to sing Time Judged All with Eiji, that would have been so awesome!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Chojin Sentai Jetman Series Guide (Part 1)

I think Jetman is internationally loved and it’s hard not to see why.  I can say nearly every episode I’ve seen has impressed me.  

As the title says, this is a guide for anyone who wants to get into Jetman.  Thanks to G.U.I.S. for subbing like there’s no tomorrow.

Also, I am a huge White Swan fan so whenever I see a nice shot of her, I’ll post it.

The reason why this is only part 1 is simple.  I've watched Jetman prior to G.U.I.S. subs using cscentral subs but stopped at episode 26.  Since G.U.I.S. seems poised to finish the series, I will have to wait for them to finish and watch the remaining episodes to complete this guide. 

Episode 1 (Red, White and Yellow)
The 1st 3 senshis arrive to resist the Vyram, who can project themselves into your cup of coffee.  Truly terrifying.

Episode 2 (All)
The 4th and 5th senshis arrive and we are introduced to a fan favorite Black Condor.  Also, Red destroys a monster in its giant form without help from a mecha and 1st full team finisher, Bird Bomber.  

Episode 3 (Red and Black)
Black finally gives in and joins the team.  1st appearance of the Wing Gauntlet and 1st team pose. 

Episode 4 (White)
White has problems piloting her mecha and learns she is in an arranged marriage.  Also, henshins in her wedding dress and uses Wing Gauntlet.  1st team name shoutout with logo.

Episode 5 (Black and White)
White finally becomes a true warrior, Black makes his move on her and Red gets reminded of his lost love in one of the enemies.  I swear, it’s like watching a drama show.  1st individual member roll call and 1st appearance of Jet Phoenix finisher.  And White kicks Yellow in the groin?
The Shining tribute anyone?

Episode 6 (Red and Black)
The drama continues as well as the action.  Red faces one of the enemy commanders, Radige by himself until Black rescues him.  Also, Black calls the mecha.  1st appearance of Jet Icarus.  Uses Jet Lancer, Shot Puncher and Birdonic Saber.

Episode 7 (Red)
Red has an awesome grandmother.  That sub isn’t from G.U.I.S. but from cscentral.  Honestly, this scene just cracked me up so much.  Jet Icarus used Icarus Hammer.

Episode 8 (White and Blue)
The 1st girl power episode.  Blue becomes berserk after seeing a cursed diamond.  Shows how rich White is.  Finished off monster with Jet Phoenix.

Episode 9 (Yellow)
Yellow goes on a date with a childhood friend and rolls around in mud.  Jet Icarus used Icarus Hammer.

Episode 10 (Blue)
Blue has to deal with a ramen obsessed classmate who has a crush on her.  A very cute episode.  Also, Yellow was hilarious in this episode and he calls the mecha.  Again, that sub is from cscentral.

Episode 11
Watch this and you are guaranteed laughter.  The team gets their personalities mixed up with laugh out loud results.  Jet Icarus has a shield.

Episode 12 (Yellow and White)
A gripping detective like story that takes place on a bus involving random people and Yellow and White.  White showed she has the ability to handle a difficult situation.  Jet Icarus uses Jet Dagger.  I think Gokai Pink picked up some of her spunk from her.

Episode 13 (All, but mostly Red, Black and White)
The whole team seems ready to implode.  White shows feelings for Red, Red remembers old girldfriend, Black and Yellow get mad at Red and Blue is helpless.  Finally, White gets trapped inside a photo due to the monster.  A strong episode.  White Swan and Black Condor did not appear.

Episode 14 (Red and Black)
This concludes the two part storyline.  Eventually, Red is the only one left not captured in a photo and creates the Fire Bazooka to save his team.  I was really blown away by the intensity of the scenes in this one.  They used Jet Phoenix.  Rare teamwork by Black and Yellow.

Episode 15 (Blue)
A monster steals the voices of women.  A nice Blue centered episode.  This scene, as always with Yellow, is hilarious.  Blue stands in the middle of the group pose and initiates the roll call.  Jet Icarus used Shot Puncher.  A nice shot of Blue in the cockpit.  

Episode 16 (Red)
This is a weird episode where Red becomes obsessed with a painter and his daughter.  Red does show us how manly he can be when he goes one on one with the monster.  Jet Icarus used Jet Dagger and apparently, Birdonic Saber can make invisible things visible.  

Episode 17 (All)
Amid squabbles withing the team again, a new foe appears with the power to turn people into crystals and one of the enemy commanders human.  
Not a pleasant thing to see.

Episode 18 (All)
Black turns into a crystal but is restored after the new foe Juza is defeated with the help of the commander she turned human as well as the other commanders.  Bad guys fighting the bad guy and teaming up with heroes is always a cool thing to see.  But with the defeat of Juza comes the birth of a terrifying new foe called Semimaru.  

Episode 19 (White)
A monster disguised as a fortune teller tricks White into believing she will die if she henshins.  White’s butler helps her overcome this false prophecy.  White initiates the roll call.  The monster did not become a giant.

Episode 20 (Black)
Pure Black Condor awesomeness.  A monster sucks up love out of women during their wedding.  Black befriends a little girl whose elder sister was a victim.  The monster eventually sucks up the love of the little girl for Black.  Angry at the monster, he goes to beat it by himself.  Jet Icarus uses, Jet Lancer, Jet Hammer and destroys the monster with Icarus Crusher.
The man knows women

Episode 21 (Blue)
Blue’s old teddy bear gets turned into a monster that at first is nice but then gets mistreated by humans because of his appearance.  It gets turned into a giant and was winning against Jet Icarus until it sees Blue save a little girl from being crushed from rubble caused by its rampage.  It remembers its good times with Blue as a child, shrinks to normal size and saves Blue, but gets destroyed by the enemy commander.  Blue takes on the commander one on one and drives her off.  This is for Blue Swallow fans.  Also, her mecha uses an attack called Wing Cutter

Episode 22 (All)
I don’t watch drama shows but I bet this is what an episode of one would be like.  Red, Black and Yellow trade blows with each due to their feelings for White.  Then at the end, they are all attacked by the enemy commanders and seemingly beaten until Radiguet, reveals Semimaru is finally born.

Episode 23 (All)
Semimaru goes on a rampage and is seemingly unstoppable.  Jet Icarus uses Icarus Crusher and Shot Puncher but it gets returned back.  Semimaru even breaks the Birdonic Saber and severs both its arms.  All seems lost until a new mecha called Bird Garuda arrives.  It uses Garuda Vulcan and Fire Blizzard.  The latter freezes Semimaru in a block of ice.  Semimaru breaks out of the ice and the 3 warriors from the other dimension forms Jet Garuda.  It does not fare too well and uses Garuda Burst as a last resort and manages to drive Semimaru away but things are not looking good.

Episode 24 (All with a little focus on Blue)
The teams repair the robots.  Blue befriends the childish warrior named Dan.  Semimaru reappears and Jet Icarus faces it.  It uses Jet Lancer.  Jet Garuda is on its way until Radiguet does a super cheap attack that kills one of the warriors. (Why can’t he do that all the time?)  He takes control of Jet Garuda after he kills another of the warriors.  Jet Garuda and Semimaru double teams on Jet Icarus until Dan henshins and sacrifices himself to drive Radiguet away from Jet Garuda.  The two robots finally combine to form Great Icarus.  It uses Great Beam and finishes off Semimaru with Bird Mazer.

Episode 25 (Black)
A monster steals the shadow of the team except for Black.  These shadow clones weakens them and begins wrecking havoc.  To allow the shadows to run free, one of the enemy commands uses her power to prevent nightfall for as long as she can.  Black must stop her before his teammates die due to their shadows being stolen.  Black succeeds and they destroy it with the Fire Bazooka.  It grows and Red calls Bird Garuda and uses Jet Garuda.  It uses Garuda Spark and finishes it off with Garuda Claw. Black takes the spotlight in this one.  
More like rubber sword!

Episode 26 (Yellow)
The team gets sent back in time by a Time-Space Mammoth.  Yellow gets separated due to him cgarging towards the monster and head butting it in the middle of its attack and get sent to the prehistoric era.  He meets White’s ancestor and becomes a god to the cave people due to his future knowledge.  The monster finds him and starts attacking.  Yellow is helpless as he lost his morpher when he arrived but the others found him in time to save him.  The others shoot at the bump on the monster’s head caused by thr head butt a time portal open back to their present time.  Yellow receives his morpher from White’s ancestor, who was the first to find him unconscious.  He henshins and goes through the portal back to his own time.  They use Jet Icarus, Yellow calls Jet Garuda and they destroy it with Bird Mazer.

Here are my screenshots of Jet Icarus' and Jet Garuda's attacks

Jet Lancer

Shot Puncher

Birdonic Saber

Icarus Hammer

Jet Dagger

Garuda Vulcan
Fire Blizzard
Garuda Burst
Bird Mazer
Garuda Spark
Garuda Claw