Thursday, June 14, 2012

Same non-senshi actor

I noticed this purely by chance.  Of course if I'm wrong, please correct me.
Gaoranger 34
Abaranger 4

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simpsons Comics

Simpsons Comics on Parade (#24-27)

Simpsons Comic # 24 (4/5)
Campaign USA comes to Springfield.  You can learn a thing or two about politics from this issue.  The short stories, absent last time, return.  One featuring Little Homer and the other featuring a discussion in Moe’s Bar.
Simpsons Comic # 25 (3/5)
A decent story involving Marge and Mayor Quimby.  The short story features Eddie and Lou eating at a diner plus Itchy and Scratchy play baseball.
Simpsons Comic # 26 (3/5)
I think this is a parody of a movie wherein the driver of a vehicle must not go below a certain speed limit of a bomb might explode.  Sideshow Bob is the villain.  I was never really drawn to it.  The short story focuses on the Sea Captain’s story on how he got his fictional peg leg.
Simpsons Comic # 27 (4/5)
Homer undergoes an experiment to pay for a new saxophone after he breaks it and becomes a genius.  A nice father and daughter tale.
Final Thoughts (3/5)
Not too great, my favorite is issue #24

Simpsons Comic

Simpsons Comics Wingding (#19-23)

Simpsons Comic # 19 (5/5)
Bart makes the Jebediah Springfield statue cry tears for a school paper.

Simpsons Comic # 20 (5/5)
Bart finds his doppelganger in superstar Biff Westwood.  Cover is homage to Michael Jackson album Bad.

Simpsons Comic # 21 (5/5)
Bart, Martin, Willie, Skinner and Sideshow Mel stars in this hilarious camping trip gone wrong.

Simpsons Comic # 22 (5/5)
Apu and Mr. Burns team up to build the mega Kwik-E-Super Store.

Simpsons Comic # 23 (5/5)
Bart, Krusty, Milhouse, Sideshow Bob and two characters from Simpsons Season 1 in an adventure in Paris.

Final Thoughts (5/5)
Oh yeah, I love this book.  Great and memorable stories!

Simpsons Comic

Simpsons Comics Strike Back (#15-18)

Simpsons Comic # 15 (3/5)
This is obviously homage to a very popular Christmas story but I can’t appreciate it since I’m not familiar with it.  A good yarn nonetheless.  The short story is Itchy and Scrathy with Betty Boop.

Simpsons Comic # 16 (4/5)
A surprisingly nice Patty and Selma story in which they get laid off at the DMV and became airline stewardesses.  Apu stars in an amazing 96 hour Kwik-E Mart shift.

Simpsons Comic # 17 (5/5)
Bart and Lisa rent a channel and starts broadcasting Simp-TV which takes Springfield by storm.  Two short stories follow, one featuring a day in the life of Bumblebee Man and the second features Otto, Marge, Moe, Krusty and Homer.  Well just read it, it’s nice.

Simpsons Comic # 18 (5/5)
Homer needs to lose 13 pounds for Springfield to have a free water park.  Then, Milhouse learns stealing is wrong, even if the item is a counterfeit baseball card.

Final Thoughts (4/5)
Nothing too spectacular about the stories but also nothing bad as well. 

Simpsons Comic

Simpsons Comics Simpsorama (#11-14)

Simpsons Comic # 11 (5/5)
An evil Ned Flanders clone terrorizes Springfield and only Bart, Lisa and Rainier Wolfcastle can solve the mystery.  Plus a good old western shoot out Simpsons style. 

Simpsons Comic # 12 (5/5)
The Flan Clan and the Simpsons have to survive 1 year in a Biosphere.  Principal Skinner recounts one of his Vietnam war stories.

Simpsons Comic # 13 (5/5)
Bart and Milhouse create the next big comic book superhero only to have it stolen from them.  Then Jimbo Jones wrecks havoc on a dirtbike.

Simpsons Comic # 14 (5/5)
Homer Simpson treats a homeless man to a family dinner and winds up inheriting the Duff Brewery the next day. Abe and Jasper stumbles upon a collector’s convention and gets banned.

Final Thoughts (5/5)
The whole book is a winner, all great stories!

Simpsons Comic

Simpsons Comics Spectacular (#6-9)

Simpsons Comic # 6 (5/5)
Lisa, Otto and Bleeding Gums meet in a quirky musical issue.  The El Barto short story was nice as well.

Simpsons Comic # 7 (1/5)
 Just didn’t like it.  Krusty is not one of my favorite as well.  The McBain story was nice though.

Simpsons Comic # 8 (3/5)
The story was fine but I didn’t like the art too much.  The art for the Edna short story was better.

Simpsons Comic # 9 (4/5)
Again, the art suffers but the story was a nice Lisa centered one, though one has to be diligent in reading to get through this one.  The short story about Barney is the best.

Final Thoughts (3/5)
If one can look past the art, it can provide a good read.  I only recommend issue #6 though.

Simpsons Comic

Bartman The Best of the Best
Simpsons Comic # 5 (5/5)
This paperback contains issue #5 along with 3 issues Bartman of and 1 Itchy and Scrathy.  I won’t go into details but the last 3 issues tie together a plot involving, aliens, super powers, Bartman and Radioactive Man.  If you see this for a good price, pick it up, you won’t be disappointed.