Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Top Yellow Female Senshi Suits

                The female yellow warrior, the change of pace for female heroines in pink.  Granted they lose out to their pink warriors in terms of quantity, this list may seem too short so bear with me.  This will be chronologically arranged but not necessarily in order of my liking.
1. Yellow Mask – Just like Pink Mask, her helmet may seem unfriendly but her roll call and team pose make up for it.

2. Geki Yellow – Her suit is without a doubt my favorite.  It is eye candy.  It’s just so sultry in appearance and appeals to every sense of taste that makes a woman look good in my male human brain.   Just to make my point, take a look at these poses. 

Man, I love these high quality pictures.  Just found them when I was writing this post.

Just look at this pic, how can it not be seen as, excuse the word, seductive.  I’m surprised Disney allowed this picture.

Honorable Mentions: Ok, WOW! I never realized I only really liked two female yellow senshi suits. Guess here are my honorable mentions, but you already knew that…

1. Mega Yellow – Same argument with Mega Pink, looks exactly like the others.

2. Abare Yellow – Maybe it is because I hated Dino Thunder but I am racking my brain and her suit is the next I can find appealing even a little.

3. Gokai Yellow – Nothing about her suit screams for me to like it as much as Gokai Pink but I like her enough for her to be here.

My Top Pink Senshi Suits

                The pink female warrior, the chick in the so called 5 man band.  They are the ones that make watching sentai fight scenes a little more enjoyable, providing a break from all the manly grunts and sounds on the battlefield.  They fight differently, sound differently and most importantly, look very GOOD in their pink spandex while doing it.  This will be chronologically arranged but not necessarily in order of my liking.

1. Heart Queen – I just love her suit design.  It’s like an upgraded version of Momo Ranger with the heart for the helmet visor.  I also like her voice and her roll call pose.  When I compare her to Momo Ranger, it’s no contest.

2. Denzi Pink – Her helmet visor looks just like her Denziman brethren but there’s just something about the light pink and white stripes that decorate her suit which appeals to me.

3. Pink Mask – I love shade of pink her suit sports.  Her helmet may seem unfriendly but her roll call and team pose up for it. 

4. Hou Ranger – I recently started Dairanger and I find this pink senshi’s suit to my taste.  Her voice only adds to her appeal. (There enough pics at super sentai images for me to post just one)

5. Gokai Pink – Gokai Pink goes back to the heart shaped visor and I adore it.  Her voice, fight scenes and suit design are very pleasing to the senses.  It’s like the suit is always smiling at you whenever Ahim morphs. (Again, enough images at super sentai images)

It is poses like these that make me adore her.

Honorable Mentions:
1. Pink Turbo – Her suit looks just like the other Turborangers but there’s something about her shade of pink that make me notice her.  I guess I need to see some episodes to get to like her better.
2. Ptera Ranger – I guess I should like this more since she’s the most familiar one but maybe it’s because she’s so familiar that she doesn’t quite make it.
3. Mega Pink – The main problem is the suit looks exactly like the other Megarangers with just a different color, no variation at all.
4. Magi Pink – Maybe it’s cause I liked Mystic Force that she’s here, still nice to look at though.