Thursday, February 21, 2013

Update: February 21, 2013

It's been a month and a half since I last posted so I feel the need to post something.  Life has been busy, a lot has changed since New Year.  Let's just say I kind of gave up one interest to pursue another one and am now doing half of what I envisioned myself doing during college.  That interest is BOWLING!  I mentioned it before I think.  That is why my blog's titled as such. 

Now on the toku side of things,  I'm glad Go-Busters is done and over with.  The only thing that kept my interest in that show was Enter during the latter arc though I do plan on watching the series again as I skipped some episodes. 

Kyouryuger looks a lot easier to watch than it's predecessor.  It has a fun and light feel to it.  It also helps that the pink senshi's suit looks good and that the suit actress is the same one that made me love Gokai Pink so much.  Though I feel embarrassed watching the ending credits.  That was way too "kiddy" even for me.

Kamen Rider Wizard is the 1st Rider I'm following from start to finish and I am enjoying it very much.  Here's hoping the show stays amazing for the rest of its run.

Toy wise, I recently got the two Shinken Reds at great prices.  It nicely complements my Gokai Red and Pink. 

I'll probably be talking about the above paragraphs in individual posts next time.  I can't wait to rant about bowling.