Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kamen Rider OOO Full Combo Collection

Yo, haven’t updated in two weeks I think, been really busy studying.  Gonna do this real quick since I have wanted to do it for a while.  

Kamen Rider OOO is a special series.  If it can entice me, a newcomer to this genre into liking the characters so much that I am now eagerly biding my time to find the rest of those expensive OCC figures at a discounted price and now, even listening to the the songs almost every day, Toei made something special indeed.  So here is the list of my favorite OOO combo jingles.

At first, I was hesitant to start liking these songs.  I was only familiar with Time Judged All since Over-Time subbed its music video, but as with all things new, give them a chance and life will be more interesting. 

POWER to TEARER – As soon as it starts, the thunderous beat will capture your interest.  The unique voice chanting the combo’s name coupled with fast singing higher voice blends perfectly.  One can feel the intensity and power this combo yields to OOO and it is seen dramatically during the course of the series.

Regret nothing ~Tighten Up~ – I wish someone would translate this, the message is to Regret Nothing and just like the main theme, I feel it says even if bad things happen, life goes on, so you just gotta keep going.  I’ve some really stupid decisions recently and listening to this song reminds me that making mistakes is part of life and you really should regret nothing since it helps you grow as a person.

Ride on Right time – I was surprised to like this so much.  It must be due to the fast rapping parts. 

Time Judged All – Just like Timeranger’s opening theme, what with all the chanting, it doesn’t sound Japanese at first.  But hearing Eiji and Ankh singing alternately is nice.  It has some parts where it feels the song just punches out at you.

Sun Goes Up – A slow song with a nice chorus and parts that can pump up the spirit.

Got to keep it real – There’s a nice build up towards the chorus that ends with EXPLOSION!  

Shout out – Even the OOO combo medley give this the least amount of time.  I just can’t get into this song just like the combo.  They did their best with it though.

Credit goes to O-T and TV-Nihon for the subs

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Final thoughts on the Gokaiger

How can one describe a series as a perfect series?  Is it a series where there are no bad episodes?  I don’t think that’s possible.  Gokaiger is no exception to this.  The only other Sentai series I can think of that can match Gokaiger’s good episodes to bad ratio is Jetman.  Though I have not watched all of it, the ratio shows that good episodes far outweigh the bad.  

Gokaiger starts off great, one will get hooked.  Top notch action, very presentable cast and suits, well done CGI and nostalgia bring out the best of this show.  But the shows tapers off in the middle of its run.  Things got a little repetitive but that was expected.  The inclusion of Gokai Silver was both a good and bad thing.  The good thing is that he brings a load of comedy to an already fun show.  The bad thing about him is his focus episodes are boring and he spams his Gold Mode too much.  I am glad this stopped during the final leg of the show.  Tribute episodes really raise the bar in terms of storytelling and action since it has to coincide with the sentai it is paying tribute to.

Did I enjoy it, OF COURSE.  I can’t believe it’s over.  My routine of downloading an episode a week stops as of now since I have no real interest in Fourze and Gobuster......yet. 

So this is my 2nd tokusatsu series I have finished.  Didn’t feel as good as my 1st, which was OOO, guess nothing beats a first time for something. 

To cap it off, here are…
My favorite Gokaigers in order
Ahim – I will do a separate post on why I love her so much.
Marvelous – As far as red senshis go, he’s A-Ok and his suit looks so good.
Gai – Thank you for all the humor you have given us.
Don – Everyone thought you were… I won’t type it, but as the show progressed, you’re alright.
Joe – I feel your pain about Barizorg but you just don’t interest me that much.
Luka – What I said to Joe goes double, no, triple to you.  You are cute and beautiful but your episodes bore me.

My favorite episodes
Episode 1 – Legend War scenes plus our first taste of Gokai change, nuff said!
Episode 12 – What a show Red, Yellow, Green and Pink gave us!  They were on a rampage!
Episode 15 & 16 – Well done introduction to Basco plus our 1st taste of sentai vs sentai
Episode 26 – Ninjas and Pirates, SUBARASHI!
Episode 41 – I have 3 versions of this episode in my possession, I can’t stress how much I love this Gokai Pink episode.
Episode 51 – They ran through 34 years of history in a single battle and capped it off with their own pirate style finisher!

Honorable Mention episodes
Episode 14 – I never liked Jealoushitto but the humor makes this memorable. 
Episode 28 – Nice flow throughout the episode and a very popular senshi named Gai Yuuki is the cheey on top.
Episode 43 – That all green change… Toei, I was scared you wouldn’t show us something like this but thankfully, my fears were all for naught. 
 Episode 46 – Honestly, I was wondering to myself why does Gokai Yellow still have more fans gushing over her than Gokai Pink after all this time?  She’s just too awesome and this episode proves it again.
Episode 48 – An intense duel between old friends with a HOLY S*** move at the finale.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Series Review (5 of 5)

Episodes 41-51 (5/5)

Episode 41
What a way to start off the final leg of the series with Gokai Pink’s back story.  This featured one of the best fanservice fight scenes in the entire series. 

Episode 42
From Pink to Green, how come he gets two episodes?  Still Damaras is a bad ass.
Pretty rainbow

Episode 43
All Green!  Just too too awesome!  I think this caught us all by surprise.

Episode 44
Probably the most tolerable of Luka episodes.  Merry Christmas!

Episode 45
Some hate it, but seeing Ahim as Ginga Red was worth it for me.  So adorable the way she claws

Episode 46
I know this isn’t a Pink centered episode but this scene actually rivals my love for her during episode 41.  Also, Japanese sure have a colorful way of trash talking.  This is Overtime’s version.  TV-Nihon’s version is less colorful. 
Her voice coupled with her pose is so adorable in this scene

Episode 47
Don’t like monkey then, don’t like monkeys now and don’t think I’ll ever like monkeys.  Showcasing Dairanger was a cool move though.

Episode 48
This episode reminds us just how vastly different Super Sentai is from Power Rangers.  OUCH!

Episode 49
So this is the “Uchuu Sadai no Takara” Marvelous keeps yapping about.  Yes Gai, we also don’t know where the light is coming from.  Man, his hair got puffier.

Episode 50
The mecha fight scene is fun to watch and impressive.  There was no point in this except to remind everyone of one of the most bad ass Power Ranger scene was there?  Well, Mammoth Ranger appeared so they had an excuse to do it.

Episode 51
“Tasty” was the word that popped up while I was watching it.  Don’t remember why.  A fitting finale!
Since it is the finale, I will go into more detail for this episode. 
How did Navi find the Free Joker?  Though she’s so cute as she shouts in this scene.

Really now?  I have not watched Dekaranger but did Dekamaster ever use his sword like this?

The Emperor’s ship is technically more powerful than two mechas since it single handedly wiped out the much bragged about larger than the Legend War Zangyack fleet while Gokai-Oh and GoZyujin, despite all their upgrades, did not fare too well.

Only much later did it sink in to me that they turned into one member of each of the previous 34 teams during their battle with Ackdos Gil.  Brilliant move Toei!  Pure genius how you matched them all up.  Dream team ups were everywhere!  I was probably too awe struck while watching that I thought they missed some. 

Ahim sure loves turning into Denzi Pink, look at this princess taking on the emperor by herself. 

Luka loves saying Melody Baton.

Up until this episode, no one has turned into a member of Goggle V since episode 8. 

There’s the ever popular Shinken Red.

And so, Aka Ranger bids his successors a thank you and good luck and gets the power to again become the first red senshi that protected this planet.

See you in Super Hero Taisen!

This batch of episodes, while definitely not perfect, fully utilizes the premise of the series.  Right off the bat, we are treated to one of the best fight sequences during episode 41.  Two episodes later, we were all shocked with the all green Gokai change.  All yellow soon follows, though not as epic.  All blue was a waste.  Episode 46 caught me off guard.  I knew by seeing some spoilers that Gokai Pink would play a big part but I did not think I would like it as much as I do now.  How Basco was dealt with in episode 48 completely erases the bad taste of episode 47 and Sally.  Episode 49 and 50 were all build ups to episode 51 so not much to say.   Truthfully, I was thinking of giving this batch a 4 because the ratio of bad episodes (aka. build up episodes), outweigh the good episodes.  But episode 51 swoops right in and raise the score to a 5. 

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Series Review (4 of 5)

Episodes 31-40 (3/5)

Episode 31
Basco gets a major power up

Episode 32
You will miss the Final Wave but things change.  Also, Gokai Pink fixes her skirt.

Episode 33
Gai should stick to acting like a crazed fanboy, that’s his best side.  ( And yes, I imitate this pose every once in a while)

Episode 34
Me no like this ep.  I just really have no interest in Gokai Yellow. 

Episode 35
Cool gun duel and finally (for non-Japan based fans at least) Battle Fever J.  And here’s Ahim reprimanding the MOTW like only a princess of her caliber can.

Episode 36
Everyone knows once they get their ultimate power, this won’t show up again.

Episode 37
Ooh, reminisce of Power Rangers Doomsday.  I laughed at this scene.

Episode 38
Will I miss him and his whining? Not really, also a great roll call sequence!

Episode 39
If this is not animal cruelty I don’t know what is

Episode 40
The best scene for me.  Gokaigers just chillin’

What really hurt this batch of episodes is how they set up to reveal the Gokaiger’s Great Power.  I really hated how they executed that two parter.  The tribute episodes were also not as good as before.  I just felt things really slowed down with this batch.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Series Review (3 of 5)

Episodes 21-30 (3/5)

Episode 21
Obvious Red and Yellow shipping (Luka did have some cute moments though)

Episode 22
Skip this useless episode (Gai apparently forgot about ep 18)

Episode 23
I respect GoGoV but something about this episode was lacking for me.  Also, Basco got bested by the girls.  (This pic makes it obvious Gokai Yellow’s suit actor is a guy)

Episode 24
Avoid at all cost!  This monster of the week was too lame to deserve this kind of finisher.

Episode 25
The buildup to for the next episode is great (One of Gai’s best scenes)

Episode 26
I bet Ahim stunned everyone with her line at the beginning.  The group finisher is one the best.

Episode 27
Unless you’re a fan of Green and Yellow, don’t even bother.  I don’t even wanna post a picture of the things you will undoubtedly notice so here’s Ahim as Pink Flash.

Episode 28
One word, GREAT!

Episode 29
Ahim takes the spotlight and Gai gives one of his best performances to date.  A fun tribute episode.  Forgive me for the excess of screenshots but I just love these scenes so much I couldn't resist :)

Episode 30
I loved seeing Denzi Pink.  By some strange coincidence, right before this episode, I watched the exact Liveman episode where Yellow Lion saves a baby carriage so I immediately related to this scene.

Sadly, some of the worst and most useless episodes exist within this arc.  It required all of the awesome tribute episodes awesomeness to pull its grade up to 3.  Also, Gai really, really, really needs to stop spamming his Gold Mode!