Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gokai Pink’s New Battle Style

I don’t know how many of you noticed this.  Recently Gokai Pink has been holding her Gokai Saber like this.

(Research shows this is called the icepick or reverse grip style)

In earlier episodes, she holds it like her fellow Gokaigers.   

I noticed it most prominently during Episode 25.   I became curious as to when she first started holding it like this so I browsed through all the old episodes.  Surprise surprise, or was it coincidence?  It was in episode 17, the episode right after the 199 Heroes movie.  Could it be she learned to hold it like that in the movie?  Only 3 months to go before the DVD release to find out.

She even spins it around before fighting

 Here are some more pics (I thank G.U.I.S. and Over-time for the subs)

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Kamen Rider Sagozo Photoshoot

I recently bought my very first, and I mean VERY first expensive action figure.  It was OCC #4 Kamen Rider OOO Sagozho Combo.  Before looking at the pics, I feel the need to explain some things.

I am really a fickle buyer.  I will never buy these kinds of toys because I only buy what I really need.  Sure I want a lot of things and I have the means to obtain them but I can pride myself in self control.  So what caused me to buy this?

I was in Bangkok with some friends.  It was already the last day and I had a lot of Baht leftover.  I figured I had to spend it before leaving.  So the I did what I finally would not do back home in the Philippines and decided to blow it all on a cool looking toy.  I really had no idea what I was buying.  I just scanned what I thought was the best looking and within my budget.  I finally decided on OOO since that was the only decent toy I really knew and was within my budget.  I was feeling so giddy.  I just handed over a ton of money but I felt happy.

So I opened it and played with it.  I was sorely disappointed to find out it was so much cheaper here in the Philippines. I also became curious about just how many kinds of toys there are and what the brand names are.  So after a little research, I was overwhelmed by how many there are and how good they look.  This toy just opened my eyes to the wonders of toy photography.

To be honest, I am now starting to crave all the other OCC combos.  There is that inescapable impulse to mix and match the head, torso and leg parts just because it allows you to.   

I also bought a Geki Yellow Figure.  I had some more Baht to spare and I thought, what the hey, she is my favorite Female Senshi