Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why Gokai Pink is my favorite Gokaiger

Frankly, I love everything about her.  I love her suit, her actress, her suit actor, her diction and mannerism.  Ahim can be as sweet as one can endure and awesomely bad-ass the next minute.  It really helps that her suit actor is a woman.  Her actions within the show need to be done by a female to really make use of the suit’s design.

During the earlier episodes, I did not really notice Yui Koike that much due to her earlier appearance.  I did notice how good the suit looks in action and that was the start of everything. 

But ever since episode 17, she started wearing her hair like this which makes her look a lot better.

Also, Ahim, or rather her suit actor, can make almost any suit she wears look good.  Be it Male or Female or even Putotyrano. 

My favorite Ahim moments

Well, I guess this was just a mess of Gokai Pink pictures, thanks to Over-Time and G.U.I.S. for the subs.
I've thoroughly exhausted all the available Gokaiger content, so bye for now.  See you again in Super Hero Taisen you pretty pink princess where this awesome thing will happen.

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