Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last post of 2011

I started this blog about maybe Jan or Feb this year (forgive me I'm rushing this cause I gotta get back home and sleep).  At 1st I thought it would be a journal or something but I was too lazy to update regularly.  But here we are, with my 55th post.  I never thought it would reach this many.  I know this is nothing compared to others but to me, it's something I'm proud of.  What can I possibly write about next year, well maybe nothing as tiring as reviewing all Sentai Vs movies (that took a LOOOONG time let me tell ya), but I won't abandon this.  I got my Gokaiger series review on the way, waiting for the last episodes and some random nerdy posts floating around my head I can't wait to type.  My wish for this blog is for it to be as good and respected as the other blogs i regularly visit.  I hope I can be just as good as them.

I leave this year loving this Simpsons future episode.  I have known about it since they announced Season 23 and have not so eagerly anticipated it.  But once I remembered it, I downloaded it, watched it and absolutely loved it.  It reminds me why i got into The Simpsons in the 1st place.  Without further ado, Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Top Red and Green Senshi Suits (A Christmas themed post)

My Top Red Senshi Suits

The red senshi, the one that stands out the most and gets the spotlight most of the time.  The one kids just love to emulate.  It’s either you’re red or nothing.  He’s the main character in every season, (though I know Ninja Red is not in Kakuranger).  He can either be daring, reckless, childish or super serious and responsible.  In the end, he ends up saving the day and that’s why he’s always cool.  This will be chronologically arranged but not necessarily in order of my liking.

1.  I think the 1st suit that stands out to me would be Ryuranger.  Growing up with Power Rangers, seeing this awesome suit design not included in the mythology is a shame.  It looks cool and bad ass.

2.   Gao Red.  Again I might be biased of Wild Force but his lion theme goes very well with the helmet.  His pose is also very nice to look at.

3.  Magi Red.  When I first saw Mystic Force, I loved the capes.
Due to lack of good Magi Red scenes, have an Autocad drawing
4.  Geki Red.  I have heard complaints of the no belt but I did not really care.  When I watched Jungle Fury, I liked the suits except the weird shoes.

5.  Gokai Red.  No doubt about it this pirate design really catches ones eye.

To get it out of the way, here’s my top Green Senshi Suits as well, since the Christmas spirit should still be around.

1.  Dragon Ranger.  It’s a no brainer!

2.  Shurikenger – I’d like to make it very clear, I only like this form.  Looks a bit feminine though, I remember Henshin Grid also noticed it.

And that’s it, regular green senshis do not really catch my eye.  I think they are designed to be less eye catching so that the focus would be on the red senshi.  He’s the one who sells the goods after all.

Monday, December 12, 2011

S.H. Figuart Gokai Red

How many times in your life can you remember being speechless?  I'll admit I don't have too many moments.  I kind of expect things to happen so I don't get surprised too easily.  But when my cousin presented to me, out of the blue, an early Christmas present in the form of an S.H. Figuart Gokai Red with the Gokai Darin, I was rendered speechless for about 10 seconds with shock.  I could not believe I was holding in my hands my very 1st S.H. Figuart.  And what does one do with a highly articulated and show faithful representation figure?  One takes out his other toys, let imagination take flight and take pictures!

Before that, I would just like to commend all those Figuarts collectors out there.  Having just one is high maintenance.  Changing the hands, doing poses, making it hold the accessories and making sure not to lose any of them or making sure not to break them is tiring.  I don't know how you guys do it but I take my hat off to you. (PIC HEAVY!!!)