Monday, November 21, 2011

My Top Female Senshi Suits

Now I list down my top Female Senshi Suits.  This is also to list my top White and Blue female warriors.  It’s hard to list this in order but here I go.

1. Geki Yellow – I said it before I’ll say it again, my absolute favorite.

2. Gao White – I must have a thing for cats (though I have 3 dogs) but I really love her design.  There are shades of pink and I also like her voice.

3. Gokai Pink – Her real appeal is her voice.  I love her princess like gestures all the time and her combination of pink and black on her suit is just right.

4. White Swan – Her actions are elegant and I love her pink legs.  What differentiates her from Blue Swallow is exactly that, the pink legs.  Her helmet may look like the other Jetman but unlike Blue Swan, aside from the skirt, one can easily see White Swan is a female senshi, not to mention a good looking one at that.    

5. Heart Queen – I have to say, I really like her design and voice.  I honestly want to download all JAQK just to see her in action.

6. Denzi Pink – Again, her light shade of Pink, the scarf and her helmet design all mesh together to create a really good looking suit.

I really can’t decide on 4, 5, and 6, they are interchangeable.

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