Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thoughts on Kamen Rider Fourze

Finally, Fourze is finished.  That was an amazing finale I’ll give them that but the series itself was a snorefest.  OKAY STOP!  This line is from the first draft of this post.  I was honestly expecting an awesome finale.  But what I saw just annoyed me to no end.  Read on…

Fourze to me is like an anti drug abuse show inside a school.  The chairman and the principal are users and push the students to become users.   Fourze enlightens the students who fall prey to them.  It must also be like a fantasy come true for a teenager to be able to punch his principal and teachers, even though unknowingly.  Not to me though, I had a good and caring principal and excellent teachers during high school.  Also, Mr. Oosugi though is hilarious.

I followed the 1st few episodes and it was pretty good.  But then, they formed the Kamen Rider Club and that totally ruined it for me.  Extra characters like, JK, Tomoko, Queen and King guy felt useless and took up screen time.  I understand it is meant to be a high school like show showcasing the various types of people one meets during one’s high school life, but the filler episodes involving them were like a chore to watch.  Even when Meteor came along, I still could not get into the show, even after his upgrade to Meteor Storm.  It was only after I read that Meteor killed Fourze that I was like, OK, I gotta know the story as to why he did that.  So I did and discovered how awesome Meteor is.  The only reason I even keep Fourze episodes is for this reason. 

That has got to be one of the coolest finishing move effect.  So after Cosmic States came, I followed it again but then the episodes just reverted back to filler and Meteor was downgraded to a sidekick who spams Meteor Storm.  So I stopped until episode 41.  That’s when things got serious and it gave me a good shock.  That episode alone shows how good this show can be once you get rid of all those extra characters.  The follow up episode 42 is equally good.  I admit I was intrigued at the possibility of Yuuki being a Zodiart all this time but, those two episodes fell short of my expectation.  

After watching the finale, I was struck at how unrealistic it was.  Sagittarius went Super Nova.  Is that not supposed to make him a whole lot stronger?  And the way both Kamen Riders defeated their respective rivals just felt too easy.  I’m actually glad that they changed Sagittarius’ costume into that red one so as not to tarnish the awesomeness of his previous form.  Sure, they saved Japan but they basically crushed Sagittarius’ dream of going to space and meeting the Presenters.  Why did they have to show him as a kid?  I just felt sorry for him.  The only thing I liked about the finale is Kamen Rider Wizard’s cameo and preview.  I am so excited for it to start.

In conclusion, Kamen Rider Fourze was not an enjoyable show for me.  The only thing I really liked was Meteor and his limit break.  On Meteor Storm, I am so disappointed he keeps using that staff.  He lost the one thing that made him cool, his Jeet Kune Do.  I do enjoy hearing him shout Meteor Storm Punisher though.  More on Meteor, he is my 1st Kamen Rider Figuart.  I’ll post some pictures next time.  It now also makes sense to get the Virgo Figuart since the two are connected.  Curse that episode 41!  The only problem is that she is an exclusive, but I think she’ll look darn good alongside Gokai Pink, hehe.

Friday, August 24, 2012

A little rant before Fourze ends

I would just like to get stuff off my chest and if any decides to come to this corner of the internet, well then lend me your ear. 

I am unhappy with the modern way of life.  Everyone is just staring at a screen, including me.  It has become so d*** annoying that during this month of August 2012, I've intentionally hidden my laptop to stop me from using it.  I just realized one day there must be more to life, more to do, than to sit in my chair facing this one eyed monster for a whole afternoon or day.  But laptops are not the only source of temptation.  An Ipad is always nearby where I live.  It takes a great deal of will power for someone who has grown so accustomed to using one to resist picking it up and start going to one's favorite places on the web.  Even my 5 year old non-touch screen cellphone has wifi capability.

So what did I experience during my internet exile that lasted for almost 2 weeks, I felt GREAT!  Sure I was bored out of my mind at times, going around the house at least a dozen times but I felt free.  I am no longer a slave to my laptop.  I can now choose when I want to use it.  Previously, I would see it right there, just sitting on my desk and I cannot help but open it.  I no longer feel like S*** everytime I stand up from my chair because I knew I did not waste my time surfing the net.  I started sleeping earlier (which seriously, EVERYONE should).  Remember when we were kids and we actually had bedtimes?  You'll feel better in the morning.    

I appreciate the internet, I guess anyone can tell.  I thank it for introducing me to brand new worlds of information and entertainment.  But I believe everyone will agree that too much of anything can be harmful.  So I challenge anyone who reads this to take back control of your lives.  If there is no reason to stay in front of a computer, turn it off.  Give your eyes, mind and body a break from the online world.  Feel the air outside the window, fix up the clutter in your house, read a book or exercise. 

But be careful not to return to an old foe.  I am talking about the television.  In those two weeks, I watched so much TV that I realized I just traded one vice for another.  Oh well, it's been a while.  It was like revisiting an old friend.  I did get to watch both the opening and closing of the 2012 London Olympics and I'm happy did.

Now that that's done, let's talk about Kamen Rider Fourze.  I have my thoughts on the series all typed up and, as we all are, am waiting for the final episode.  Here's a little preview of that post. 

 More where that came from, see you next week