Friday, March 4, 2011

My Thoughts on Gokaiger Ep 1 to 3

Ep 1

I cried a little.  After seeing the Legendary War and hearing the catchy song, my eyes were watering.  I did not mind the CG of Gokai King in space and he looks awesome btw.  I like all of the Gokaigers but my least favorite as of the moment is Blue.  The fights scenes look good, intense.  Kinda like Devil May Cry fighting with a sword and gun.  Stylish exchanging of weapons was very fun to watch.  Goranger, my first taste and I was caught off guard by the garbage truck.  FINAAAAAL WAAAVE, different team finisher is welcome aside from combining into one big gun.  Ending song is cute and as catchy as opening.  There was just one burning question that's on my mind, WHERE did that trapeze come from?


Ep 2

Nav'i has a cute voice.  Little Shinken Red.  AkaRed cameo not bad.  Super awesome FINAAAAAL WAAAVE!  Hurricanger was wasted, didn't see much.  Super awesome all red team transformation.  GaoRed and Female GekiRed!  CG of Gokai King just a little too much.  Not really a fan of Gokai King look when he reveals the cannons. I noticed the rollcall sounds different than the first episode.


Ep 3

Now I can see why Gokai Green is labeled as gay.  Though even in the first episode, I and some of my friends have questioned his poses during the rollcall and after morphing.  He continually "touches" Gokai Red throughout the episode.  That part where he javelins with a bamboo stick, he looks like that vampire in Twilight.  No, I am not a Twilight fan. Not a fan of Kai though, but I am a fan of MagiRed.  Big One fight scene reminds me of his fight scene in 25th anniversary movie.  Fast whacking staff action.  Fun to watch.  FINAAAAAL WAAAVE!  with guns only.  Not a fan of the MagiDragon Gokai Mecha, too much CG.  I honestly thought they were going to go Legend Magirangers, but sadly no.


This is my first ever sentai and I am digging it so far.
Episodes obtained from "Grown Ups in Spandex"  Thanks for all your hard work! :)

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