Friday, September 9, 2011

My Kamen Rider Sagozo Photoshoot

I recently bought my very first, and I mean VERY first expensive action figure.  It was OCC #4 Kamen Rider OOO Sagozho Combo.  Before looking at the pics, I feel the need to explain some things.

I am really a fickle buyer.  I will never buy these kinds of toys because I only buy what I really need.  Sure I want a lot of things and I have the means to obtain them but I can pride myself in self control.  So what caused me to buy this?

I was in Bangkok with some friends.  It was already the last day and I had a lot of Baht leftover.  I figured I had to spend it before leaving.  So the I did what I finally would not do back home in the Philippines and decided to blow it all on a cool looking toy.  I really had no idea what I was buying.  I just scanned what I thought was the best looking and within my budget.  I finally decided on OOO since that was the only decent toy I really knew and was within my budget.  I was feeling so giddy.  I just handed over a ton of money but I felt happy.

So I opened it and played with it.  I was sorely disappointed to find out it was so much cheaper here in the Philippines. I also became curious about just how many kinds of toys there are and what the brand names are.  So after a little research, I was overwhelmed by how many there are and how good they look.  This toy just opened my eyes to the wonders of toy photography.

To be honest, I am now starting to crave all the other OCC combos.  There is that inescapable impulse to mix and match the head, torso and leg parts just because it allows you to.   

I also bought a Geki Yellow Figure.  I had some more Baht to spare and I thought, what the hey, she is my favorite Female Senshi

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