Friday, July 13, 2012

Kamen Rider 40 X Super Sentai 35

Kamen Rider Seitan 40 Shunen x Super Sentai Series 35 Sakuhin Kinen 40 x 35 Kanshasai Anniversary LIVE & SHOW

This is the joint celebration and concert for the 40th anniversary of Kamen Rider and 35th anniversary of Super Sentai.  It is a 2.79 GB file separated into two files and you can get it here,13.0.html (also, why not sign up while you’re at it.)  Though the size may be intimidating, let me say you are in for a treat for both the eyes and ears.  

First and foremost, you get a history lesson of the two beloved franchises with a montage showcasing the year each of the shows aired.  Next features a stage show with the heroes of Gokaiger and Fourze working together.  After that impressive montage of stage magic, you get to see the actors themselves interact with each other, though I have no idea what they’re saying since it has no subtitles.  You do get moments like this.  Yes, I am biased to Ahim and Gokai Pink, hihi.
We'll kill each other in Super Hero Taisen

The place exploded the moment he came in

The 2nd file features live performances of various theme songs used in the shows.  The 1st part features Kamen Rider songs, majority of which I am not familiar with.  The only ones I know are W’s and Fourze’s opening, where all the Heisei Riders showed up and the original Kamen Rider theme, where all the Showa Riders showed up, and my favorite, Power to Tearer.  

I was surprised this was there but I absolutely loved every minute of it.  Seeing Eiji again was a blast as well as Akira Kushida, who does those awesome vocals on the song.  This guy to my knowledge sang Sun Vulcan’s opening theme and Abaranger’s closing theme.  He, along with the guy who sang Gokaiger’s opening theme, sang the theme used in Gokaiger X Gavan.  But this amazing performer wasn’t finished, he then sings Gavan’s opening theme, which I am now familiar with after watching Gokaiger X Gavan numerous times.  Just like Fourze’s opening theme, Gavan makes an appearance. 

After some more Kamen Riders songs, the Gokaiger opening is sung.  Opening for Hurricanger, Dekaranger to Goseiger is then sung.  Next up is the Super Sentai Getter where all the previous Sentai singers got together and sang.  It is so cool to actually see and hear the respective singer of a series sing their lines within the Getter.  To top it off, all the Red Senshis showed up!  To close the show, the cast of both shows came out and along with the singers sang the ending theme of the OOO Wonderful movie.

This badly needs subtitles!  Also, Ankh should have been there to sing Time Judged All with Eiji, that would have been so awesome!

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