Saturday, November 30, 2013

S.H. Figuarts Review

Today’s a holiday so I got some free time.  I’ve wanted to do this for a while.  My Figuart collection now has grown to 12 boxes of oh my god why do I have so many and why do I still want more.  This is like an addiction and I am sure I am not alone.  Let’s get on with.  
Let’s do this in series chronological order

Red Hawk
When preview pics came out, I bet everyone felt the nostalgia vibe.  Even to those who had no idea what Jetman was can’t help but be drawn to his design.  It just screams classic Sentai.  He is a wonderful looking figure with a ton of accessories.  I am just scared I might break his back piece one day when putting on the wing accessory.

The 1st red ranger.  My favorite part about this is his ability to hold the power sword like this.  I have never been able to pull this pose off with any of the earlier releases.  Just shows how Bandai has improved these amazing things.  

The green ranger, the one that made every 90s kid’s childhood awesome.  My only complaint is that the green used looks a little too light.  I expected it to be a little darker.  I cannot for the love of all things Dragonzord get him to the flute playing pose.  I know it’s possible but everytime I try it seems I might break his arm joints, so I back away.

Deka Red
To be honest, HLJ was having a sale and this guy was marked down so low it would be crazy not to snag him.  I really had no reason to want him other than the I want to get all red sentai reason.  It helps that my cousin had the Akibaranger Figuarts and wanted to form the cannon so he agreed to help out financially.  How could I say no to that.  On the figure itself, I have no complaints.

Bouken Red
I have stressed how much I hate the Boukenger design and I told myself there was no way I was gonna pay full price for this guy.  Alas, I got him along with Deka Red during that great HLJ sale.  The cousin collecting Akiba cannon parts and helping pay for it a little helps me swallow this pill easier.  He comes with a ton of accessories but I still hate the design.  

Shinken Red
HLJ did it again with the ridiculous discount to drive me to order him.  He is actually my very 1st online purchase.  The thing I hate most are the shoulders.  Thank goodness they did away with those on future releases.  The ankles also are very loose but it’s the first.

Hime Shinken Red
This is a peculiar figure.  It looks good a distance but not so good up close.  I got it for a good price so I have no complaints.  We need more female Figuarts.

Gokai Red
My cousin gave this to me as a Christmas gift and I absolutely love it.  I still love handling it.  Maybe it’s the sentimental value but it really feels good.  I have no fear of breaking anything when I play with this guy, except when changing the folded arms pose.

Gokai Pink
It’s all over my site as well as my banner pic, I love Gokai Pink and her Figuart does not disappoint.  The price is insanely high though.  

Red Buster
I have no love for the series but the Figuart is surprisingly good.  I got this alongside Deka and Bouken Red and I like him better than those two.  

Kamen Rider Meteor
My very 1st Kamen Rider Figuart and he is a beauty.  Meteor made me take notice of Fourze and his Figuart is a keeper.  No swords or guns but he doesn’t need it.  

Kamen Rider Meteor Storm
I debated with myself in getting this since I don’t like the design but I finally gave in because I wanted to pose him with his staff.  This is definitely a step down from Meteor but not by much.  He feels different that’s all.

If you're thinking why so few pics, I'm too lazy to take new ones of my most recent ones.  Here's some more group pics.  Ryuuranger and Hurricane Red are on their way.  I'm waiting for Kyoryu Red's price to go down a bit before getting him.

I really like: Gokai Red, Gokai Pink, Red Hawk, Meteor, Dragonranger and Tyrannoranger
I am ok with: Deka Red, Shinken Red, Hime Shinken Red, Red Buster and Meteor Storm
I dislike: Bouken Red

 Lastly, here is my current shelf. WAP! Wizard Special Rush is a great toy as well.

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