Friday, November 29, 2013

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Vs Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

 The reason I am posting this only now is because of the recent wave of mouth watering preview pictures of the upcoming sentai team up movie.  I am so excited to see Zyuranger and was genuinely surprised to see Abaranger along with the Kyoryugers.  If this means an Abared figuart is on its way, I gladly welcome it.  His character is one I am not too familiar with yet but from the little I’ve seen, I don’t hate him.  I’ve written this months ago so that just shows how different my life is now compared to last year aka a job. 

The movie starts off by introducing the Mythic Ranger Keys.  When all five are gathered, the most massive power is bestowed upon the individual.  The new Zanyack commander Bacchus Gils, apparently nephew to Ackdos Gil, is heading towards Earth in a black Gokai Galleon.  The Go-Busters are in their base discussing how they depend so much on their BuddyRoids when the alarm goes off.  They head to meet Bacchus Gils and the evil Gokaigers.  The Gokaigers waste no time and immediately transform and attack them.  Gokai Silver shows up in his mecha and is confused by the situation.  Gokai Red orders him to throw some ranger keys and they transform into Goggle V and Timeranger.  The Go-Busters power up themselves and the fighting continues.  The Red Mythic Ranger Key appears and Enter, who already has four, tries to contain it.  But all five of the keys start to react which creates a wormhole which sucks majority of the characters in, landing them in different time periods.  Navi shows up, is put in a cage and brought to the base.  She explains that the evil act was a desperate plan to avoid total defeat back in the Zanyack homeworld.  They pretended to be evil in order to gain the enemies trust and steal the Mythic Ranger Keys once it was gathered to prevent Bacchus Gils from restarting the Zanyack Empire.

Hime Shinken Red shows up and delivers a message that has been in the Shiba clan for 200 years.  It reveals the location and time period where Yellow and Stag Buster as well as Gokai Silver.  The remaining members figure out where their teammates are and formulate a plan to go back in time using the Timerangers Ultimate Power.  They combine the ability to the Buster machines and head back into time.  Blue Buster meets Gokai Blue and Yellow and start fighting.  Beet Busters find Gokai Green and Pink while Red Buster finds Gokai Red eating chicken curry.  The Gokaigers eventually reveal their plan to steal the Mythic Ranger Keys and the Go-Busters bring them back to the present.  Everyone is back with the exception of Yellow and Stag Buster and Gokai Silver.  Enter has also gone back is preventing them from safely returning.  Gokai Red and Red Buster head out to save them.  After battling with Enter’s Megazord, the time limit is about to run out so the Buddy Roids use their internal Enetron supply to be able to return home.  As the teleportation commences, Enters blasts them.  This causes the Buddy Roids to short circuit.  Beet Buster manages to bring them back online but says their sentience has been damaged, leaving them to be lifeless robots. 

With all five Mythic Ranger keys in his possession, Enter activates a machine that will cover the Earth in hyperspace.  Using the Timeranger’s ultimate power, they borrow the Gokai Galleon from the past since the present one was destroyed on the Zanyack homeworld.  The two teams head out, meet the enemy and henshins.  After taking care of the grunts, Enter summons out avatars of Basco, Damaras and Escape.  Gokai Red, Blue and Yellow defeat Basco using Sun Vulcan, Gokai Green, Pink and Silver defeat Damaras with Hurricaneger while the Go-Busters defeat Escape.   

 Gokai Red and Red Buster board the enemy ship to try and stop the machine.  They kick everyone out and remove the keys but it still does not stop the machine.  They resolve to destroy the ship.  They jump out and are confronted the enemy once again.  As they prepare to fight, a red hero interrupts and announces he and his team will take care of it.  They notice he is alone and so does the new hero.  A little embarrassed but that does not stop him from taking on the enemy.  His team eventually shows and they announce themselves to be Jyuden Sentai Kyoruuger.  They handily defeat the enemy. 

This pose does not fit with Kyoryu Green at all
Enter appears with a powerful megazord appears and the Go-Buster confronts it with their mecha.  The Gokaigers deal with Bacchus Gils and defeats him.   

Magi Red has been in every all red transformation
He grows and they also get in their mecha.  The Go-Busters are losing badly due to the emotional loss of their BuddyRoids.  On the verge of defeat, the power of their emotions reactivates the BuddyRoids systems and unleashes their Ultimate Power.  The power causes the five Mythic Ranger Keys to turn into BuddyRoid keys and the Gokaigers use them.  Each of the 5 mecha suddenly receives 5 giant mecha keys.  All five transform into past mecha and defeat the enemy.   

One of the best mecha designs
The Gokaigers entrust the safety of the Earth to the Go-Busters and plan to go treasure hunting.    

Final Verdict: 3/5

  • Hard to think anything with the Gokaigers would be somewhat boring to watch but that’s what I felt while watching this movie.  It felt like they were just there for the sake of it.  Their backstory seemed underused.  The Go-Busters took up most of the time with their BuddyRoids breaking down story.
  • It really sucks that the Go-Busters get new roll call montages while the Gokaigers just reuse the old one.  This is one of the last times we get to see them and this is what we get? 
  • The only parts I really enjoyed are these.  We finally get to see a good fight scene with a female Kuwagaraiger (this was never seen in the series), the funny Kyoruuger cameo and seeing the old mechas fighting.  Though I’m pretty sure the finale with Ace just reused the scene from the Go-Buster movie.  These are the high points of the movie that fell way short of my expectations.  Mostly due to the Gp-Busters.  Not enjoyable to watch.

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