Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last post of 2011

I started this blog about maybe Jan or Feb this year (forgive me I'm rushing this cause I gotta get back home and sleep).  At 1st I thought it would be a journal or something but I was too lazy to update regularly.  But here we are, with my 55th post.  I never thought it would reach this many.  I know this is nothing compared to others but to me, it's something I'm proud of.  What can I possibly write about next year, well maybe nothing as tiring as reviewing all Sentai Vs movies (that took a LOOOONG time let me tell ya), but I won't abandon this.  I got my Gokaiger series review on the way, waiting for the last episodes and some random nerdy posts floating around my head I can't wait to type.  My wish for this blog is for it to be as good and respected as the other blogs i regularly visit.  I hope I can be just as good as them.

I leave this year loving this Simpsons future episode.  I have known about it since they announced Season 23 and have not so eagerly anticipated it.  But once I remembered it, I downloaded it, watched it and absolutely loved it.  It reminds me why i got into The Simpsons in the 1st place.  Without further ado, Happy New Year!


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