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Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Grand Battle Review

Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Grand Battle Review (subbed by Over-Time)

This is the BIG ONE, (I did not mean to do that that, LOL).  This is the 35th anniversary movie, my most anticipated movie of the year.  Thanks to the good people of Over-Time, it is readily available for anyone’s viewing pleasure.  Here’s a detailed summary and my review.

(Needless to say: SPOILERS AHEAD!)
Count the Heroes!

It starts with the Goseiger battling the Zangyack army.  They are not doing very well.  Gosei Great is seen heavily damaged in the background.  They agree this is the toughest thing they have ever faced and get blasted into the woods by some warships.  Gosei Red assures them they will soon meet their predecessors who will help them.  Some Gormin arrive and are about to shoot them until Akaranger saves them with his Red Whip.  Gosei Yellow recognizes him and his team and from which team he hails from.  He introduces himself and is saved from a Sgormin by Big One.  Gosei Pink recognizes him and from which team he hails from.  He introduces himself and states the rest of the Super Sentai teams will assemble shortly.  Goseiger assures them they will take part in the coming battle.  They are suddenly surrounded by Gormin and Sugormin.  The extra Rangers arrive and hold them off.  DekaMaster tells them to meet up with the other teams while they take care of things here.  They head off and stand in their formation within the Super Sentai Army.  What follows is the opening of Gokaiger episode 1 extended version!  It is also revealed the extra Rangers added their power to the attack that defeated the Zangyack armada.  Afterwards, Goseiger awakens and wonder if they won.  Bouken Red shows up and tells them yes.  Shinken Green and Gold walks up hurting and tells them they will never be able to like that again, reasoning that their power is dried up.  Go-On Yellow tells them the power is spread all across the universe.  AkaRed is seen in space witnessing the powers fly off.  The realization that they can no longer transform hits them all hard until Gosei Red cheers them up with the fact that they were able to protect the Earth.  They all agree on that.

It then cuts to the present, with the introduction of a new Zangyack fleet trying to invade Earth and the latest Super Sentai Gokaiger.  The Gokaiger battles it out with Barizorg, Insarn and some Gormin and Sgormin.  They reason they are getting in their way of finding treasure and Zangyack replies they are getting in their way of taking over the Earth.  They transform into Go-Onger, Dynaman and Fiveman.  They are being watched by Gosei Yellow and Black.  They are about to change into Goseiger when Gosei Black and Yellow flies in and steal their ranger keys back.  The rest of the team arrives gets their respective ranger key.  Gokai Red asks who they are.  They respond saying they are the rightful owners of this power and transforms.  Gokaiger realizes they are the actual Goseiger.  Insarn commands the Gormin to attack but they take care of them easily using their Invocations.  Barizorg and Insarn retreats.  Gokai Red asks for the ranger keys back.  Gosei Red asks for Gosei Knight’s ranger key but the Gokaiger does not know which one that is.  Hostilities are starting to form.  Gosei Red tries to reason that they need the power to defend the planet.  Gokai Red reasons they need that to obtain the Greatest Treasure in the Universe.  Gosei Red has had enough and tries to throw the 1st punch.  Gokai Red blocks it and both teams draw out their weapons.  They fight to a draw, ending with Gokai Scramble facing off with the Gosei Buster.  The impact of the explosion separates both teams.  The Gokaiger are impressed with the Goseiger’s strength and head back to the Gokai Galleon.  Gosei Knight thinks the Gokaiger really do not know where his ranger key is.  Gosei Red is disappointed, thinking things will go peacefully after he explained the situation.  The rest of the team do not agree and reasons they must no hesitate to strike first if they are to retrieve Gosei Knight’s ranger key.  They watch the Gokai Galleon pass above them.  

Cut to the Gigant horse.  Walz Gil is whining as usual.  Damaras reports that a strange void is approaching their fleet.  It materializes and is revealed to be the Black Cross King.  He was the very first villain to try and conquer Earth until he was defeated by the very first Super Sentai Goranger.  He states he has been resurrected by the undying hatred of the villains defeated by the previous teams.  Walz Gil states no one is allowed to conquer the Earth as long as the Zangyack is around.  Black Cross King states his main purpose will be to avenge himself against the Super Sentai and the people who place their trust in them.  He does not care for conquering the Earth.  He offers to take care of those pirates as well.  He proposes an alliance and Walz Gil accepts.  He states his first act will be to steal the ranger keys.

Cut to a schoolyard.  Denzi Blue is selling bread to the children.  He spots a child holding a DaiDenzin toy.  He remembers his days as Denzi Blue and tells the child to take care of it.  He heads off to the next school.  While waiting to cross the street, he witnesses a man riding a bicycle saving a jaywalker from a police car.  The man is revealed to be Ryuuranger.  The driver, Deka Pink recognizes him and vice versa.  Denzi Blue rushes over and they both recognize him and even bow a little.  Murphy barks his greeting as well to him.  The jaywalker then proceeds to cry and they all look at him questionably.

Cut to the Gokai Galleon.  Gokai Green uncovers the Gosei Knight ranger key from the treasure chest.  Gokai Blue states that is a recent acquisition and Gokai Yellow adds none of them have used that one before, which explains why none of them could understand the Goseiger’s request.  Gokai Red suggest using it as bait to lure the Goseiger out and take back their ranger keys.  Gokai Green and Pink suggest doing it peacefully until Gokai Red stops them from talking.  He listens intently and tells everyone to hit the deck.  The Gokai Galleon shakes and it is revealed the Goseigers are attacking the Galleon using their mecha.  Gokaiger are surprised by this bold move and form GokaiOh to combat Gosei Great.  Gosei Great gets knocked out of the sky.  When it rises, it is wearing a pirate hat.  The mechas duels.  Gokai Red tells them the sneak attack was a nice shot but it was not enough.  Gosei Blue responds a battle isn’t won by showing off.  It is revealed Gosei Red is no longer in the cockpit.  Gokai Red realizes the motive and heads back in.  Gosei Red encounters Navi within the Galleon and tells hom to be quiet him.  He discovers the treasure chest but is interrupted by Gokai Red before he can take Gosei Knight’s ranger key.  They duel a little before Gosei Red takes the chest and jumps out.  Gokai Red follows.  After a scuffle, Gosei Red ends up with Gosei Knight’s ranger key and Gokai Red has the chest in his hands.  Goseiger celebrate their victory.  The Zangyack show up and blast both mechas and reds.  Gosei Red drops Gosei Knight’s ranger key while the chest is thrown up in the air by Gokai Red.  The chest falls into the hands of Black Cross King.  He introduces himself and resurrects Brajila, Dagon and Contamineiser.  They all now serve Black Cross King.  The 3 villains blast both teams and everyone disappears.  Navi heads out to find them, trips over a rock and spots Gosei Knight’s ranger key.
Gosei Red and Gokai Red end up inside an office building where time is frozen.  Gosei Blue and Pink and Gokai Green and Pink end up on a hanging bridge over a river.  Gosei Black and Yellow and Gokai Blue and Yellow end up in the Edo Period.  Brajila menaces the two reds, stating they will be unable to escape unless they defeat him.  He summons Bibi Soldiers and both transforms.  Dagon menaces Gosei Blue and Pink and Gokai Green and Pink.  A blast sends Gosei Pink and Gokai Green over the edge.  Gosei Blue saves Gokai Green and Gokai Pink saves Gosei Pink.  They are surprised by their actions and try to pull them up until Dagon blasts the bridge and they all fall into the river.  Contamineiser menaces Gosei Black and Yellow and Gokai Blue and Yellow.  He states they only have 30 minutes to defeat him before the set bursts into flames.  Instead of the usual way of trying to defeat them, he is also filming them them in the process.  They all transform and engage uguts and Contamineiser himself. 

Cut to the jaywalker.  He explains he got laid off.  His says his savings are gone and is losing hope.  He is trying to sell his toy Variblune but then realizes he would rather give up.  The sentai seniors encourage him.  Ryuuranger offers him some gyoza and shares he has been trying to make better gyoza his entire life.  The image of Black Cross King appears in the sky and addresses everyone how he he already has the power of 33 Super Sentai teams and that he will soon obtain Goseiger and Gokaiger’s power as well.  He also states the planet is doomed.  Various sentai alumni witness the message.

Cut to the office building.  Both reds are having a hard time battling Brajila.  Cut to a cave.  Gosei Blue and Pink and Gokai Green and Pink pull themselves out of the river and recover.  Gokai Pink suggests they join forces and everyone agress.  Gokai Green gets an idea on how to overcome Dagon using the Goseiger’s power.  Cut to the Edo Period.  Gosei Black and Yellow and Gokai Blue and Yellow are having a hard time with Contamineiser.  Both yellows, who previously hated each other are now getting friendly with each other and agree to work together.  Gosei Black and Gokai Blue also resolve to work together, with Gokai stating he wants to see how strong Gosei Black is.  Both yellows dress up in period appropriate clothes and trick Contamineiser into thinking they are his fans and that they want his autograph.  Contamineiser is fooled and puts his weapon down in order to sign.  They kick his weapon away while Gosei Black and Gokai Blue shoot him.  They transform and defeat him.  Cut to a seaside cliff.   Gosei Blue and Pink and Gokai Green and Pink engage Zobiru and Dagon.  Dagon blasts them off the cliff.  When he looks at the Zobiru, he is surprised to see a sea of Gosei Blue and Pink and Gokai Green and Pink.  He blasts a seat and it is revealed to be Zobiru.  He is annoyed and continues blasting all that he could see until all the Zobiru are down.  He is blasted from behind.  It is revealed Gosei Blue used a Camo-Mirage card to trick Dagon.  They all blast him and he is defeated.  Cut to the office building.  Both reds are wondering how Brajila can see where they are hiding.  Gosei Red gets blasted out of his suit.  Gokai Red tells him to sit this out.  He also protects a family in an elevator by standing in the way of the blasts.  He falls and loses his suit as well.  Gosei Red protects him with a Defense Card and spots a camouflaged bat monster.  He realizes that is how Brajila knows their location and proceeds to destroy it with a compressthunder card.  Gosei Red begins to soften up and Gokai Red tells him to save the sappy talk.  They transform, attack and defeat Brajila.  They escape the space-time and return to where they previously disappeared.  Gokai Red sits on the floor.  Gosei Red extends his hand to Gokai Red, saying he had the wrong idea about him before. Gokai Red shoves it away a little embarrassed.  Gosei Red offers it again and this time, Gokai Red takes it and gets up.  The others meet up with them.  Gosei Knight flies up with Navi.  He states Navi gave him back his ranger key.  Both teams agree to work together to take down Black Cross King.  They confront him after a brief ride in the Gokai Galleon.  Black Cross King takes out the treasure chest and dumps all the ranger keys inside into a gun.  He proceeds to shoots out a ball of light which then materializes into the past 33 Super Sentai teams.  He retreats.  Both teams marvel at the force that stands before them.  Goseiger feels uneasy about fighting their predecessors.  Both teams henshins, roll calls and engages.  

Jetman stops them in their tracks.  Teams from Changeman to Turboranger blast them with their bazooka finishers.  Goseiger becomes Super Goseiger and blasts them back alongside Gokaiger’s Final Wave attack.  The defeated teams turn back into ranger keys.  Gokai Red defeats Dynaman.  Super Gosei Pink defeats Carranger.  Gokai Yellow defeats Abaranger.  Super Gosei Blue defeats Denziman.  Gokai Green defeats Kakuranger.  Super Gosei Yellow defeats Fiveman.  Gokai Pink defeat Battle Fever J.  Super Gosei Black defeats Goggle Five.  Gokai Blue defeats Gingaman.  Super Gosei Red defeats JAKQ.  Gosei Knight defeats all the 6th rangers.  Super Gosei Pink and Gokai Pink defeat Pink and White senshis.  Super Gosei Yellow and Gokai Yellow defeat Yellow Senshis.  Super Gosei Black and Gokai Green defeat Green and Black senshis.  Super Gosei Blue and Gokai Blue defeat Blue senshis.  Super Gosei Red and Gokai Red defeat Red senshis.  They are then almost hit by the Goranger Storm.  Both teams gather.  Gekiranger, Go-Onger and Shinkenger charge up their bazooka finishers.  Goseiger charge up their Miracle Gosei Knight Dynamic and Gokaiger charges up their Gun only Final Wave.  An energy struggle ensues and with the Goseiger and Gokaiger winning.  Super Gosei Red and Gokai Red take care of the last team standing, Goranger.  With that, all the ranger keys return to the treasure chest.  

Black Cross King shows up, grows and blasts them out of their suits.  He blasts them again until the ranger keys start glowing.  Suddenly both teams are in a bright space surrounded by ranger keys.  Akaranger, Big One, Goggle Black, Dyna Pink, Red One, Red Turbo speak words of encouragements to them.  Gokai Red asks if they are all right counting a bunch of pirates among their ranks.  Denzi Blue, Ryuuranger, Deka Pink, Bouken Red, Go-On Yellow, Shinken Green and Shinken Gold nod their approval.  Gokai Red then asks for them to give their power.  A ball of light shines in his hand and they are returned to the battlefield.  The ball of light materializes into the past 33 sentai teams standing on a wide staircase shaped cliff overlooking.  Inspired, both teams transform.  Black Cross King cries “What?” in horror while the sentai proclaims “We are the Super Sentai!”  A giant bazooka materializes in front of the Goseiger and Gokaiger.  They take places and shout out Super Sentai Bazooka.  They point the bazooka towards Black Cross King and fires.  All the logos from Goranger to Gokaiger ending with the 35th anniversary logo shoots out from the bazooka.  Black Cross King tries to counter with his own beam but loses and gets destroyed.  Both teams celebrate and the Super Sentai Bazooka disappears.  The past 33 teams disappear as well and return to the treasure chest. 
The ground shakes and the true form of Black Cross King is revealed, the Black Cross Colossus.  It blast both teams and starts terrorizing the city.  The jaywalker and Nozomu help get the crowds to safety.  Both teams get in their mecha but are having a hard time combating Black Cross Colossus.  The people see this and begin to lose hope.  Gosei Knight tries to charge Black Cross Colossus but gets swatted away.  Nozomu encourages the frightened crowd and the jaywalker remembers the time spent with Denzi Blue, Ryuuranger and Deka Pink and encourages the crowd too.  He tells them to keep cheering until the end.  The child with the DaiDenzin toy starts cheering and the whole crowd starts to cheer as well.  Both teams can hear the cheers and Gokai Green states their power is surging.  The DaiDenzin and Variblune toy suddenly start to glow.  The child walks up to the jaywalker and repeats Denzi Blue’s words that something good will happen since they took care of their toys.  The toys fly out of their hands and start to form into a ball of light above the mecha alongside other beams coming from every direction.  Everyone wonders what is happening until the ball of light materializes behind GokaiOh and Gosei Great into the past 33 super sentai team’s main mecha.  Everyone marvels at the sight which Gosei Knight calls the greatest miracle in the history of the Earth.  The jaywalker shouts Variblune and the mecha starts attacking.  Black Cross Colossus calls forth a horde of past villains and a great battle begins.  Every mecha gets some screen time, either performing its finisher or fighting hand to hand with a resurrected enemy.  GokaiOh and Gosei Great defeat Brajila and all the resurrected villains are destroyed.  Black Cross Colossus is all that’s left and all the mechas blast him.  He gets stunned but is not defeated yet.  Gokai Red says it is time to finish it.  The Goranger keys start glowing and they activate its great power.  Variblune combines with GokaiOh and they form GorenGokaiOh.  They fly up and perform the Gokai Hurricane Cassiopeia and Black Cross Colossus is finally defeated.  Everyone celebrates, the crowd shouts out their thanks and the past 33 mechas disappears. 

Cut to the Gokai Galleon.  Goseiger returns their ranger keys.  Gokai Blue and Yellow are warning them not to trust them too much but the Goseiger seems to have no worries that the Earth is in good hands, since pirates protect the things they like.  Gokai Green states he likes this planet and its people and he is sure that a certain someone standing outside likes it too.  On top of a building, Gokai Silver watches the Gokai Galleon fly off.  

The ending theme plays…   

My Final Opinion: 5/5
  • What did I expect from this movie?  I expected it to be just the darn greatest eye popping sentai movie EVER and I got just exactly that.  
  • It starts out with a BANG, slows down in the middle with typical sentai teams getting to know each other, escalates to a big all out sentai vs sentai war and finally grabs all your attention with the best mecha fight in history.
  • It was a blast all throughout.  If only I was in Japan during its showing I would have paid to see it in a theatre.  I would not hesitate to cry if I felt like it. 
  • I was literally shaking with giddiness at the end of the movie.  Just laughing silently with glee, feeling a surge of happiness welling up inside leading to my eyes watering a little.
  • Anyone will have a fun time playing spot the hero during the sentai war and the mecha fight will have make a lot of kid’s robot fight fantasies come true.
Some gripes (very minor ones)
  • I was a bit disappointed and also at the same time not disappointed at the fact there was no dream team.  Since the actors who returned playing sentai alumni were featured on the movie poster, I sort of expected them to play a bigger part, maybe even transform.  Instead they just talked.
  • But it had been done twice so I was also glad they did not repeat the formula.  Still, it would have been so great to see Red One transform and kick some butt again.          
  • There could have been a scene featuring Walz Gil again at the end commenting on Black Cross King to provide more closure.
  • Gosei Red’s annoying “never give, something will work out” attitude rears its ugly head again.
  • There was a promotional picture of Akared in the battlefield but that was not in the film. 
  • It did not provide an answer to my question about Gokai Pink’s new Battle style

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