Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simpsons Comics

Simpsons Comics on Parade (#24-27)

Simpsons Comic # 24 (4/5)
Campaign USA comes to Springfield.  You can learn a thing or two about politics from this issue.  The short stories, absent last time, return.  One featuring Little Homer and the other featuring a discussion in Moe’s Bar.
Simpsons Comic # 25 (3/5)
A decent story involving Marge and Mayor Quimby.  The short story features Eddie and Lou eating at a diner plus Itchy and Scratchy play baseball.
Simpsons Comic # 26 (3/5)
I think this is a parody of a movie wherein the driver of a vehicle must not go below a certain speed limit of a bomb might explode.  Sideshow Bob is the villain.  I was never really drawn to it.  The short story focuses on the Sea Captain’s story on how he got his fictional peg leg.
Simpsons Comic # 27 (4/5)
Homer undergoes an experiment to pay for a new saxophone after he breaks it and becomes a genius.  A nice father and daughter tale.
Final Thoughts (3/5)
Not too great, my favorite is issue #24

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