Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simpsons Comic

Simpsons Comics Spectacular (#6-9)

Simpsons Comic # 6 (5/5)
Lisa, Otto and Bleeding Gums meet in a quirky musical issue.  The El Barto short story was nice as well.

Simpsons Comic # 7 (1/5)
 Just didn’t like it.  Krusty is not one of my favorite as well.  The McBain story was nice though.

Simpsons Comic # 8 (3/5)
The story was fine but I didn’t like the art too much.  The art for the Edna short story was better.

Simpsons Comic # 9 (4/5)
Again, the art suffers but the story was a nice Lisa centered one, though one has to be diligent in reading to get through this one.  The short story about Barney is the best.

Final Thoughts (3/5)
If one can look past the art, it can provide a good read.  I only recommend issue #6 though.

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