Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simpsons Comic

Simpsons Comics Strike Back (#15-18)

Simpsons Comic # 15 (3/5)
This is obviously homage to a very popular Christmas story but I can’t appreciate it since I’m not familiar with it.  A good yarn nonetheless.  The short story is Itchy and Scrathy with Betty Boop.

Simpsons Comic # 16 (4/5)
A surprisingly nice Patty and Selma story in which they get laid off at the DMV and became airline stewardesses.  Apu stars in an amazing 96 hour Kwik-E Mart shift.

Simpsons Comic # 17 (5/5)
Bart and Lisa rent a channel and starts broadcasting Simp-TV which takes Springfield by storm.  Two short stories follow, one featuring a day in the life of Bumblebee Man and the second features Otto, Marge, Moe, Krusty and Homer.  Well just read it, it’s nice.

Simpsons Comic # 18 (5/5)
Homer needs to lose 13 pounds for Springfield to have a free water park.  Then, Milhouse learns stealing is wrong, even if the item is a counterfeit baseball card.

Final Thoughts (4/5)
Nothing too spectacular about the stories but also nothing bad as well. 

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