Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simpsons Comic

Simpsons Comics Simpsorama (#11-14)

Simpsons Comic # 11 (5/5)
An evil Ned Flanders clone terrorizes Springfield and only Bart, Lisa and Rainier Wolfcastle can solve the mystery.  Plus a good old western shoot out Simpsons style. 

Simpsons Comic # 12 (5/5)
The Flan Clan and the Simpsons have to survive 1 year in a Biosphere.  Principal Skinner recounts one of his Vietnam war stories.

Simpsons Comic # 13 (5/5)
Bart and Milhouse create the next big comic book superhero only to have it stolen from them.  Then Jimbo Jones wrecks havoc on a dirtbike.

Simpsons Comic # 14 (5/5)
Homer Simpson treats a homeless man to a family dinner and winds up inheriting the Duff Brewery the next day. Abe and Jasper stumbles upon a collector’s convention and gets banned.

Final Thoughts (5/5)
The whole book is a winner, all great stories!

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