Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simpsons Comic

My love for the Simpsons has dwindled since I got hooked but I still buy their comics during Free Comic Book Day since I would like to someday own a complete set.  I will post my opinion on which issues I liked and disliked.  Hopefully, this can be a guide for anyone who wants to read some quality Simpsons Comics or wants to start their own collection.

Simpsons Comics Extravaganza (#1-4)

Simpsons Comic # 1 (4/5)
The cover is homage to the 1st issue of Fantastic Four.  I was a nice story with nice art for a 1st issue.  Plus, a nice short story called “The Collector which shows the danger of obsessively collecting comics.

Simpsons Comic # 2 (2/5)
Bob is not really one of my favorites and neither is Bart.  The short story about Selma and Homer was a little weid.

Simpsons Comic # 3 (5/5)
This was a rice mystery/detective type story featuring Bart, Lisa and a slew of other characters.  Martin stole the show with his Fatman persona.  The short story with Krusty, sadly had potential.

Simpsons Comic # 4 (5/5)
Easily a 5, this story has it all.  It felt like watching a Simpsons episode with its 2-part storyline which at first, had no way of mixing together to form one story but eventually did.  Otto as Busman was pure fun.

Final Thoughts (4/5)
The only hiccup is issue 2.  I recommend it and also, there’s nothing like reading the 1st of something.

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