Friday, March 2, 2012

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Series Review (4 of 5)

Episodes 31-40 (3/5)

Episode 31
Basco gets a major power up

Episode 32
You will miss the Final Wave but things change.  Also, Gokai Pink fixes her skirt.

Episode 33
Gai should stick to acting like a crazed fanboy, that’s his best side.  ( And yes, I imitate this pose every once in a while)

Episode 34
Me no like this ep.  I just really have no interest in Gokai Yellow. 

Episode 35
Cool gun duel and finally (for non-Japan based fans at least) Battle Fever J.  And here’s Ahim reprimanding the MOTW like only a princess of her caliber can.

Episode 36
Everyone knows once they get their ultimate power, this won’t show up again.

Episode 37
Ooh, reminisce of Power Rangers Doomsday.  I laughed at this scene.

Episode 38
Will I miss him and his whining? Not really, also a great roll call sequence!

Episode 39
If this is not animal cruelty I don’t know what is

Episode 40
The best scene for me.  Gokaigers just chillin’

What really hurt this batch of episodes is how they set up to reveal the Gokaiger’s Great Power.  I really hated how they executed that two parter.  The tribute episodes were also not as good as before.  I just felt things really slowed down with this batch.

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