Friday, March 2, 2012

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Series Review (1 of 5)

I am going to review the series separated into 10 episodes at a time.

Episodes 1-10 (5/5)

Episode 1
The best introduction to a show ever?  Most arguably so.

Episode 2
5 red rangers, Oh my I am liking this very much!

Episode 3
All white and all black changes now?  I’m loving this!

Episode 4
Okay, so the Blue guy, whom I did not like before, is a BADASS!

Episode 5
So this is the pattern in obtaining great powers huh?  Interesting, who’s next!

Episode 6
The real highlights of the episode for me.  The MOTW cracked me up!

Episode 7
Ooh, Gokai Pink, I’m gonna keep a close eye on you from on.

 Episode 8
A little bit of humor and Denziman!

Episode 9
Ooh, Pink and Green again.  Fans shipping must be reaching an all time high.  What about Blue and Pink?

Episode 10
JAKQ again!  And now it’s Blue and Yellow shipping time.

The 1st 10 episodes are just gorgeous to behold.  We are blown away by the Legend War, we see awesome pirate style fight scenes, we love how they can Gokai Change into any senshi regardless of gender and the show introduces its pace.  We know now how the search for great powers goes and we eagerly anticipate when they will get to our favorite team’s power.  We also love seeing them use the older teams since most of us have never seen them in action before. 

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