Friday, March 2, 2012

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Series Review (2 of 5)

Episodes 11-20 (5/5)

Episode 11
They finally have a hard time, finally more realism.  Also, Ahim now wears a ponytail this which I think makes her look a lot better and cuter.

Episode 12
These four blew us away with their gokai changes and the new mecha looks awesome!

Episode 13
Little boys won’t admit it, but Pink is rocking!  Fight scenes were intense as well.

Episode 14
Comedy overload!  I love the ending so much.  Never fails to entertain.

Episode 15
Our 1st taste of Sentai Vs Sentai left us craving for more and by the end of the episode, we knew were gonna get it.

Episode 16
The first Final Wave where they each have a gun and sword!

Episode 17
Here he is, Gooooooooookai Silva!

Episode 18
Interesting guy, awesome looking mecha!
I laughed so much at this part

Episode 19
Controversial Gold Mold!
Credit goes to TV-Nihon

Episode 20
Extra Heroes and Gingaman ooooh… (The key glowed, so what’s the power?  First time this happened)

The next ten episodes continue the trend and introduce us to Basco and the Gokai Silver.  All are very well done.  The action never lets up for this batch.

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