Friday, March 2, 2012

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Series Review (5 of 5)

Episodes 41-51 (5/5)

Episode 41
What a way to start off the final leg of the series with Gokai Pink’s back story.  This featured one of the best fanservice fight scenes in the entire series. 

Episode 42
From Pink to Green, how come he gets two episodes?  Still Damaras is a bad ass.
Pretty rainbow

Episode 43
All Green!  Just too too awesome!  I think this caught us all by surprise.

Episode 44
Probably the most tolerable of Luka episodes.  Merry Christmas!

Episode 45
Some hate it, but seeing Ahim as Ginga Red was worth it for me.  So adorable the way she claws

Episode 46
I know this isn’t a Pink centered episode but this scene actually rivals my love for her during episode 41.  Also, Japanese sure have a colorful way of trash talking.  This is Overtime’s version.  TV-Nihon’s version is less colorful. 
Her voice coupled with her pose is so adorable in this scene

Episode 47
Don’t like monkey then, don’t like monkeys now and don’t think I’ll ever like monkeys.  Showcasing Dairanger was a cool move though.

Episode 48
This episode reminds us just how vastly different Super Sentai is from Power Rangers.  OUCH!

Episode 49
So this is the “Uchuu Sadai no Takara” Marvelous keeps yapping about.  Yes Gai, we also don’t know where the light is coming from.  Man, his hair got puffier.

Episode 50
The mecha fight scene is fun to watch and impressive.  There was no point in this except to remind everyone of one of the most bad ass Power Ranger scene was there?  Well, Mammoth Ranger appeared so they had an excuse to do it.

Episode 51
“Tasty” was the word that popped up while I was watching it.  Don’t remember why.  A fitting finale!
Since it is the finale, I will go into more detail for this episode. 
How did Navi find the Free Joker?  Though she’s so cute as she shouts in this scene.

Really now?  I have not watched Dekaranger but did Dekamaster ever use his sword like this?

The Emperor’s ship is technically more powerful than two mechas since it single handedly wiped out the much bragged about larger than the Legend War Zangyack fleet while Gokai-Oh and GoZyujin, despite all their upgrades, did not fare too well.

Only much later did it sink in to me that they turned into one member of each of the previous 34 teams during their battle with Ackdos Gil.  Brilliant move Toei!  Pure genius how you matched them all up.  Dream team ups were everywhere!  I was probably too awe struck while watching that I thought they missed some. 

Ahim sure loves turning into Denzi Pink, look at this princess taking on the emperor by herself. 

Luka loves saying Melody Baton.

Up until this episode, no one has turned into a member of Goggle V since episode 8. 

There’s the ever popular Shinken Red.

And so, Aka Ranger bids his successors a thank you and good luck and gets the power to again become the first red senshi that protected this planet.

See you in Super Hero Taisen!

This batch of episodes, while definitely not perfect, fully utilizes the premise of the series.  Right off the bat, we are treated to one of the best fight sequences during episode 41.  Two episodes later, we were all shocked with the all green Gokai change.  All yellow soon follows, though not as epic.  All blue was a waste.  Episode 46 caught me off guard.  I knew by seeing some spoilers that Gokai Pink would play a big part but I did not think I would like it as much as I do now.  How Basco was dealt with in episode 48 completely erases the bad taste of episode 47 and Sally.  Episode 49 and 50 were all build ups to episode 51 so not much to say.   Truthfully, I was thinking of giving this batch a 4 because the ratio of bad episodes (aka. build up episodes), outweigh the good episodes.  But episode 51 swoops right in and raise the score to a 5. 


  1. Actually, in episode 8, the dvd special, AND the upcoming gokaiger vs go-busters, at least ONE of the gokaigers has become goggle v. Here's where i found this out

    1. Wow, never noticed I wrote it that way. I knew the whole team turned into them in episode 8.

      What I meant to write was "Up until this episode, no one has turned into a member of Goggle V since episode 8."

      Thanks for pointing it out.