Friday, March 2, 2012

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Series Review (3 of 5)

Episodes 21-30 (3/5)

Episode 21
Obvious Red and Yellow shipping (Luka did have some cute moments though)

Episode 22
Skip this useless episode (Gai apparently forgot about ep 18)

Episode 23
I respect GoGoV but something about this episode was lacking for me.  Also, Basco got bested by the girls.  (This pic makes it obvious Gokai Yellow’s suit actor is a guy)

Episode 24
Avoid at all cost!  This monster of the week was too lame to deserve this kind of finisher.

Episode 25
The buildup to for the next episode is great (One of Gai’s best scenes)

Episode 26
I bet Ahim stunned everyone with her line at the beginning.  The group finisher is one the best.

Episode 27
Unless you’re a fan of Green and Yellow, don’t even bother.  I don’t even wanna post a picture of the things you will undoubtedly notice so here’s Ahim as Pink Flash.

Episode 28
One word, GREAT!

Episode 29
Ahim takes the spotlight and Gai gives one of his best performances to date.  A fun tribute episode.  Forgive me for the excess of screenshots but I just love these scenes so much I couldn't resist :)

Episode 30
I loved seeing Denzi Pink.  By some strange coincidence, right before this episode, I watched the exact Liveman episode where Yellow Lion saves a baby carriage so I immediately related to this scene.

Sadly, some of the worst and most useless episodes exist within this arc.  It required all of the awesome tribute episodes awesomeness to pull its grade up to 3.  Also, Gai really, really, really needs to stop spamming his Gold Mode!

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