Saturday, March 3, 2012

Final thoughts on the Gokaiger

How can one describe a series as a perfect series?  Is it a series where there are no bad episodes?  I don’t think that’s possible.  Gokaiger is no exception to this.  The only other Sentai series I can think of that can match Gokaiger’s good episodes to bad ratio is Jetman.  Though I have not watched all of it, the ratio shows that good episodes far outweigh the bad.  

Gokaiger starts off great, one will get hooked.  Top notch action, very presentable cast and suits, well done CGI and nostalgia bring out the best of this show.  But the shows tapers off in the middle of its run.  Things got a little repetitive but that was expected.  The inclusion of Gokai Silver was both a good and bad thing.  The good thing is that he brings a load of comedy to an already fun show.  The bad thing about him is his focus episodes are boring and he spams his Gold Mode too much.  I am glad this stopped during the final leg of the show.  Tribute episodes really raise the bar in terms of storytelling and action since it has to coincide with the sentai it is paying tribute to.

Did I enjoy it, OF COURSE.  I can’t believe it’s over.  My routine of downloading an episode a week stops as of now since I have no real interest in Fourze and Gobuster......yet. 

So this is my 2nd tokusatsu series I have finished.  Didn’t feel as good as my 1st, which was OOO, guess nothing beats a first time for something. 

To cap it off, here are…
My favorite Gokaigers in order
Ahim – I will do a separate post on why I love her so much.
Marvelous – As far as red senshis go, he’s A-Ok and his suit looks so good.
Gai – Thank you for all the humor you have given us.
Don – Everyone thought you were… I won’t type it, but as the show progressed, you’re alright.
Joe – I feel your pain about Barizorg but you just don’t interest me that much.
Luka – What I said to Joe goes double, no, triple to you.  You are cute and beautiful but your episodes bore me.

My favorite episodes
Episode 1 – Legend War scenes plus our first taste of Gokai change, nuff said!
Episode 12 – What a show Red, Yellow, Green and Pink gave us!  They were on a rampage!
Episode 15 & 16 – Well done introduction to Basco plus our 1st taste of sentai vs sentai
Episode 26 – Ninjas and Pirates, SUBARASHI!
Episode 41 – I have 3 versions of this episode in my possession, I can’t stress how much I love this Gokai Pink episode.
Episode 51 – They ran through 34 years of history in a single battle and capped it off with their own pirate style finisher!

Honorable Mention episodes
Episode 14 – I never liked Jealoushitto but the humor makes this memorable. 
Episode 28 – Nice flow throughout the episode and a very popular senshi named Gai Yuuki is the cheey on top.
Episode 43 – That all green change… Toei, I was scared you wouldn’t show us something like this but thankfully, my fears were all for naught. 
 Episode 46 – Honestly, I was wondering to myself why does Gokai Yellow still have more fans gushing over her than Gokai Pink after all this time?  She’s just too awesome and this episode proves it again.
Episode 48 – An intense duel between old friends with a HOLY S*** move at the finale.

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