Sunday, October 23, 2011

Every Super Sentai Vs Movie since 2011 (except 199 heroes)

These are not meant to be detailed summaries of each movie (depends if I get carried away in typing), just me trying to explain what happened and if I liked it. 

Himitsu Sentai Goranger Vs JAKQ Dengektai (subbed by Grown Ups in Spandex)

The very first sentai team up featuring two teams not originally counted as part of the Super Sentai Franchise.  We open with a humorous scene of the team shopping for clothes.  Only problem is the 3 male members are doing the bidding of the lone female member due to a stipulation of a poker game.  Heart Queen looks so much better here compared to the pictures available at Super Sentai Images.  A UFO shows up and the guys drop all the things she bought, leading to another funny moment.  They go to their boss Joker and he explains what is going.  

Big One is also there looking and being cool.  It was cool the way they spotlighted the other heroes such as Kamen Rider, Kikaider(never heard of that guy) and of course Goranger.  We get to see the headquarters of the bad guy of JAKQ, CRIME.  Someone tries to escape and gets killed.  Ace and Queen investigate and meet Momo Ranger.  They infiltrate CRIME super sleuthing style.  Ace and Queen save Momo Ranger who got caught and escaped.  Momo Ranger also henshined by turning around 360 degrees.  The bad guys corner the 3 until Spade and King arrive as backup with a flying ship.  They henshined, landed the ship and soon, Ace and Queen henshined as well.  

They do their roll call and the bad guy looking like a pirate orders the attack.  Before any fighting happens, Goranger shows up with the Varideen and do their roll call.  The fighting begins and I got to say, I was smiling all throughout the first time I watched it.  It was a pleasure how the first two teams fight, very entertaining.  It’s a shame Big One did not really fight, though he did say you have to work together with Goranger to win which was a duh!  They do the Goranger storm, kicking it around and eventually sticking it into the JAKQ cannon thing and the whole base blows up.  Gotta love the unexplainable.  Big One’s last line when he says, “Bye Bye, CRIME” and his waving gesture was the icing on the cake.  Both team poses at the end.

My Final Opinion: 5/5
  • Very enjoyable fight scenes 
  • Heart Queen looked great
  • Momo Ranger did not 
  •  I loved the opening scene 

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