Monday, October 24, 2011

Every Super Sentai Vs Movie since 2011 (except 199 heroes)

These are not meant to be detailed summaries of each movie (depends if I get carried away in typing), just me trying to explain what happened and if I liked it. 
Tensou Sentai Goseiger Vs Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (subbed by G.U.I.S.)


The movie starts with the Goseigers beating up some uma beasts.  They are being watched by squid face that has just risen from the Sanzu River.  Suddenly a figure rises which he recognizes.  It then cuts to Gosei Red going out and all the others ask him to buy something for them.  He does so and encounters some Shinkenger grunts.  He transforms and is confronted by a monster named Madakodama that can absorb Heavenly Invocations and return it back two fold.  Shinken Red then appears to help out.  He drives it back and the two reds meet up and get acquainted.  Gosei Red invites him to their base.  Jii appears and explains who he is.  He theorizes Dokoku, supreme commander of the Fallen, must have been revived for the Gedoshou to start acting up again.  Shinken Blue appears and they get a call that the Gedoshou are attacking.  They head out and the other Goseigers find out Invocations will not work on Madakodama.  Shinken Green appears and helps out.  He and Shinken Blue are attacked by Bladerun, who the Goseigers thought to have defeated.  Instead, he became heir to the legacy of the Fallen’s former leader Dokoku.  He and Shinken Red duel.  He is seemingly defeated when Shinken Red uses the Honered Sachet and impales him but he proceeds to capture Shinken Red using bats.  The others are held back, unable to save him.  

Back at the base, Shinken Blue and Green get upset and states they no longer want to work with the Goseigers and leave.  Goseigers then spread out to find the other Shinkengers.  Gosei Pink and Black find Shinken Pink while Gosei Blue and Yellow find Shinken Yellow.  They all get together but are attacked by Fallen Shinken Red.  Gosei Red throws himself in front of the RekaDaizanto attack to save the other Shinkengers and they are all saved by Gosei Knight and Shinken Gold.  They all retreat.  Gosei Knight tells them they have to augment their Invocations to stand a chance.  Gosei Pink gives the Shinkengers some food.  The next day, they figure out that the way to augment their Invocation was to use it in conjunction with the Shinkenger’s Scriptomancy.  They spend the day practicing until they get their timing right.  Gosei Red wakes up and Shinken Gold makes him some sushi.  Hime Shinken Red shows up and asks Gosei Red to come with her.  Bladerun reveals his plan to flood Guardia with water from the Sanzu River.  Gosei Knight tries tostop it but he gets blasted out of the sky.  Both teams try to stop it but encounter Fallen Shinken Red and get beaten up by him.  Gosei Red shows up and duels with him.  Shinkengers repay the favor by saving him from the RekaDaizanto attack and he unveils a new Invocation card created by Hime Shinken Red.  He succeeds in defeated Fallen Shinken Red.  

They all recon ciliate and head to confront Bladerun.  All henshin and roll call.  They all engage.  Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger makes their cameo and defeats squid face.  They reveal their team up skills.  Goseigers give all Shinkengers Honered Sachets and they defeat Bladerun and Madakodama.  Bladerun tries to destroy Guardia but both teams manage to prevent it by combining their sealing techniques.  Both grow big and all summon their mechas.  They manage to destroy Madakodama but Bladerun counters with a Spirit Ball like attack and ony the Goseiger mecha is left.  They obtain a new card and form Ground Hyper Guardian Great.  The Shinkengers join them in the cockpit and they blast Bladerun.  He is seemingly defeated as he shouts this isn’t over.  Both teams clap and celebrate.    

My Final Opinion: 3.5/5
  • First off, Gosei Red and his “never give up” line is very boring and annoying.
  • Fallen Shinken Red looks awesome.  I particularly liked him showcasing so many of his signature moves.
  • Ground Hyper Guardian Great looks silly.  I agree with Bladerun saying it is monstrous.  So many head pieces just sticking out of it.
  • Was not a hard movie to watch, but I again did not care for the cast.  I also never liked Goseiger suit design.
  • I despise watching the Goseigers dance during the ending song.  I love seeing the Gokaigers, their design is miles better than the Goseigers.

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