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Every Super Sentai Vs Movie since 2011 (except 199 heroes)

These are not meant to be detailed summaries of each movie (depends if I get carried away in typing), just me trying to explain what happened and if I liked it.  


Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger Vs Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger (subbed by Gao Soul Forever)

The movie starts with the Abaranger mechas confronting the Hurricaneger and Goraijer mecha and beating them.  It is revealed Wendiinu and Frabeejo were the ones controlling them.  Frabeejo blasts thems.  Hurricane Red appears and punches the two in the face (only in Japan).  Hurricane Red is confused as to how they survived.  They explain that the blast sent them to Dino Earth.  They then got a jewel that contains the evil demon king that was sealed on Dino Earth from the Evolian.  They then proceed to break the seal by simply throwing the egg to the ground.  Wicked ninja Iiga appears.  He beats the heroes down.  Abarangers forms the Super Dino Bomber but can’t fire because Hurricane Red is in the way.  He blasts them again and wants to finish them off but is interrupted by the arrival of Hurricane Yellow and Kabuto Raiger.  Iiga retreats for now because he’s got something else to do.  

The usual hostilities occur until Oboro appears.  Even she does not know how they stole their mechas.  At the Evolian lair, Wendiinu and Frabeejo thought they would be Evolian generals due to all they have accomplished but are betrayed by Abarekiller.  Iiga offers henchmen position to them but they refuse and leave.  Back at the curry shop, Hurricaneger sensei appears as a rat, turns into a human and explains Iiga’s story.  He was a cosmic ninja who crossed dimensions and arrived on Dino Earth where the wicked life forms dwell.  The three sages united their power and sealed him.  The Abaranger computer rings and tells them the enemy has appeared in 3 different locations.  They split into three groups.  Oboro contacts Hurricane Blue and Kuwaga Raiger in Spain.  The two reds are quarreling when they meet Iiga.  They try to transform but he uses a transformation sealing wicked ninja art on their morphers.  Hurricane Yellow and Abare Yellow and Blue meet another Iiga and he blasts them.  Abare Yellow is thought to be killed but is revealed to be saved by Hurricane Blue.  Iiga then seals their morphers as well.  Kabuto Raiger and Abareblack immediately get their morphers sealed but Kuwaga Raiger steps in and save them.  He gets his morpher sealed too.  It is then revealed that the real Iiga is filling himself with Dino Guts while his clones distract the senshi.  All three groups work beat the clones and the seals come off their morphers.  

They soon learn they are fighting clones and the real one shows up in front of all of them as they met up with each other.  The other Evolians and Abarekiller join the fight.  They all henshin and do their roll call.  They beat them and Iiga grows.  They summon the mecha.  Abarekiller also summons his mecha.  GouraiSenpuujin is formed immediately.  Abarekiller gets hit with GouraiSenpuujin finisher but retaliates and destroys it.  Hurricaneger falls down to the ground.  Abareblack does ground inferno and KillerOh is down.  Abarekiller retreats.  AbarenOh does his finisher but Iiga counter with his own.  Iiga is about to finish it in slow bad guy fashion when Revolver Mammoth shows up and fires a couple of balls at him.  Shurikenger reveals himself.  Hurricaneger and Gouraijer send their Dino Guts to AbarenOh and he receives Senpuujin’s sword.  So it is now called Senpuu Gourai AbarenOh.  Iiga does his finisher but AbarenOh counters.  They then do the Split Drill Slasher and Iiga is finally defeated.  Both teams celebrate and say good bye to each other.

My Final Opinion: 1/5
  • First and foremost, I thought all the male Hurricaneger looked unkempt.  Are ninjas supposed to have long and uncombed hair?  
  • The battle scenes are not that impressive and some are downright absurd!
  • I hated how everything related to Abarangers looked.  From the senshis to the mechas to the Evolian to the old man and little girl in the curry shop. 
  •  I always thought Hurricaneger mecha and equipment looked childish, but alongside Gaoranger, it was good.  Alongside Abaranger mecha, which I never liked, ugh!   
  • I would have given this a zero but there is one saving grace and that was the fight between Abarekiller and Gouraijers.  Sentai vs Sentai!

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