Monday, October 24, 2011

Every Super Sentai Vs Movie since 2011 (except 199 heroes)

These are not meant to be detailed summaries of each movie (depends if I get carried away in typing), just me trying to explain what happened and if I liked it. 

Mirai Sentai Timeranger Vs GoGoV (subbed by TV-Nihon)

The movie starts with Go Red rescuing a person from a burning building on the dawn of October 25, 2000.  The other members of GoGoV appear and help with the fire.  They encounter a monster named BoriBaru which is the cause of the fire.  Timeranger suddenly appears, engages and seemingly defeats it.  BoriBaru stands up with his right arm gaining a weapon while stating power is flowing out of his body.  He punches towards them and sends them all flying.  Go Red berates until he is summoned back to duty.  BoriBaru returns to the Londarz Clan and tells them he defeated the Timerangers.  Pierre of the Saima family shows up and reveals he gave BoriBaru the power of darkness which enabled him to defeat the Timerangers.  He states his intentions to join the Londarz clan.  

The GoGoV visit the Timeranger, without knowing who they are and request that they find their missing father.  Only Time Red recognizes them after seeing the picture of them in suits and their father.  Go Red states their father took the GoGo Braces with so they are unable to turn into GoGoV and combat the Londarz Clan.  He continues to say the Timerangers are no match for them.  Tac suddenly reports an attack and the Timerangers head out.  They encounter relatives and acquaintances of former enemies they faced before, stating they will avenge them.  They henshin and GoGoV sees it and realizes who they are.  Pierre powers them up and the Timerangers find they are no match for them.  Pierre reveals himself to GoGoV along with BoriBaru to avenge the Saima Family.  Their father arrives in time, saying he was following a slight minus energy which turned out to be Pierre and gives them the GoGo Braces and they henshin in time to save the Timerangers.  Pierre powers up BoriBaru so much, his minus energy is distorting the space time continuum.  Both teams and villains get sucked in.  

Go Green and Yellow end up in an old feudal village, get chased by the locals and are saved by Time Yellow and Green.  Both Pinks end up in a Western town; get attacked by the locals which turn out to be Zenitto and get saved by both Go Blue and Time Blue.  Both Reds end up in prehistoric times.  Go Red is being heckled by locals and Time Red watches amused.  They are attacked by BoriBaru and another monster and find they are unable to transform.  Back in the present, the Londarz clan takes advantage and steals and destroys.  Tac and Professor Tatsumi try to figure out a way to bring them back until Pierre confronts them.  They are saved by Time Fire.  Both teams fend off enemies in their respective timelines.  Time Fire gets blasted out of his suit by Pierre but he is able to retaliate with gunshots.  Tac comes up with a plan to bring them back involving V Rex.  Tac tells Professor Tatsumi to calculate the coordinates of the distortions and he flies into V Rex.  Upon firing V Rex lasers into the coordinates and opening the chronus units all the way, both teams are able to henshin, beat their enemies back to the present and return to it themselves.  Both teams roll call and engage.  Time Fire henshins and joins the fight.  

Londarz clan leaves Pierre, saying this is all his fault.  Pierre combines with BoriBaru and grows.  Timerangers summon their mecha and engage.  They are not doing very well.  Professor Tatsumi telss Go Red to call their mecha, even though their base, Area 55 is still underwater.  Go Red does so and their mecha comes out via Time Robo.  Professor Tatsumi explains those are the mecha from 1999 and they used Time Robo to get to the present.  Tac is worried they might collapse since they are too big and gives them a maximum of 3 minutes before they are required to return to the past.  They engage and manage to land some shots but get blasted.  Professor Tatsumi tells them to combine their strength.  Both mechas call their swords.  Rescue Robo gives Time Robo its rescue soul, which causes Time Robo’s sword to wield fire.  V Rex is summoned; Time Robo rides on it and uses Pressure Prominence.  The monster is defeated and the GoGoV mecha returns to 1999.  Both teams celebrate.

My Final Opinion: 4/5
  • Nothing special really happened; it was a standard Vs movie.
  • Easy to watch.  I enjoyed the cast.  There was no one I particularly disliked.
  • The GoGoV did not have a roll call.  It was also interesting the explanation that they were unable to summon their way mecha once the enemy grew.  Guess I got to watch the finale of GoGoV to understand why. 
  • Also Time Fire!

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