Monday, October 24, 2011

Every Super Sentai Vs Movie since 2011 (except 199 heroes)

These are not meant to be detailed summaries of each movie (depends if I get carried away in typing), just me trying to explain what happened and if I liked it. 

Hyakuju Sentai Gaoranger Vs Super Sentai (subbed by Tokuplex)

This movie celebrated Super Sentai’s 25th anniversary.  It starts with a shot of the Earth from space and a narrator saying, “Hey, did you know this beautiful blue planet called Earth which you live in has been attacked numerous times.  But don’t worry because they have been warriors of good that have defended it.”  A quick flash of all 24 teams then zooms to the Gaorangers confronting Yabaiba and Tsue-Tsue and some orgettes.  They beat them soundly.  The ground shakes, smokes rises and suddenly, all the orgs’ horns’ turn to gold.  They fight again and this time Gaorangers sans Red actually die.  He shouts, “No, wer’re the Gaoranger!  We won’t lose to the orgs!”  Cut to scene where Red is standing bewildered, other 4 are standing and alive but stunned.  Blue and white furry tentacles shoot out to wraps 3 of them.  Red saves White before it gets her.  A new org, Fallen Highness Rakushaasa appears.  Org legend says after his horn was damaged, he hibernated and to revive him, strong warrior spirits were needed.  He proceeds to devour Black, Blue and Yellow’s warriors’ spirit.  The 3 turn into wimps.  Red instructs White to take the 3 and run.  Rakushaasa wraps the tentacle around Red and explains the illusion before was to cause the warrior to despair after seeing his end.  Only then will he be able to devour a warrior spirit.  He proceeds to cast an illusion of Red being stabbed by people.  

The other 4 regroups and meets Big One in disguise.  He hands White a rose and makes an analogy of what a red rose needs.  A blue sky, yellow sunlight, black night and a white hand to care for it.  He then tells them that year after year, 5 color warriors protect the Earth, quick flashes of the 24 teams again.  He disappears soon after.  The 3 thinks since there are other warriors, they no longer have to fight.  White disagrees.  Then the G-Phones leap out of their pockets and run away.  They all chase after their respective phones.  Cut to Red running away from people and getting shot at by cops.  He dimorphs and all the people are revealed to be dead orgs.  Rakushaasa taunts, “How much more can you endure?”  White meets Mega Pink.  Blue meets Go Yellow.  Also gets thrown judo style and begs him to take him as his apprentice.  Gao Yellow meets Red Falcon while he was visiting his dead friends.  Yabaiba shows up and steps on a grave.  Red Falcon gets angry, henshins and kicks ass.  Gao Black meets Ginga Blue.  Gao Red fights valiantly.  Mega Pink and White plays a cat and mouse game with Tsue-Tsue.  Mega Pink teaches White how to instantly change clothes.  She teaches that the female of the five never backs down.  Clip show of female warriors.  Big One helps off screen causing Tsue-Tsue to trip on two occasions.  Red continues fighting and henshins.  Ginga Blue lectures Black on warriors much greater than he is.  Clip show of male blue, green, black and yellow senshis.  Black still feels he can’t fight, so Ginga Blue tests him by almost stepping on a flower.  Black stops him and Ginga Blue smiles.  Red fights an old enemy uses its weakness against him again.  Blue and Go Yellow trains in Panda style martial arts.  Blue is not doing so well so Go Yellow goes crazy reminiscing over a carton of milk and the Milk Tornado Drop.  He then lectures on more male blue, green, black and yellow senshis.  The lesson here is that if you don’t want to lose to your enemy, don’t lose to yourself first.  Blue drinks milk.  Red continues fighting.  

Red Falcon and Gao Yellow spar.  Red says you’ll never win with such a frightened sword.  He lectures on warriors not afraid of the sword.  Red fights again.  All 3 regain their fighting spirit.  Black by realizing he has something to protect, Blue by beating Go Yellow and Yellow by dueling with Red Falcon.  It was a short but epic duel.  Yellow wins mainly because he had two swords.  Red destroys three orgs with the Gao Mane Buster.  Rakushaasa is bewildered that Red does not despair.  He wraps him, carries him in the air and zaps him.  Red demorphs and loses his G-Phone.  Rakushaasa tells him “I’ll make you despair withour illusions.”  Mega Pink recalls when she became Super Mega Pink and hands back the G-Phone to White.   Yabaiba and Tsue-Tsue show up.  Big One shows up, fights and beats them.  White realizes she was the one in most despair and that’s why her G-Phone left her.  Red is strung up on a cross.  Big One and Mega Pink disguises as Yabaiba and Tsue-Tsue, distracts Rakushaasa while Gao White frees Gao Red.  Rakushaasa taunts he still has Gao Red’s G-Phone but Gao Yellow hits it with a feather and it flies into Red’s hands.  The 3 start fighting and Rakushaasa asks how can they fight.  Red Falcon, Ginga Blue and Go Yellow show up, basically saying a warrior will never lose their spirit and kick ass.  

All of them henshin and roll call.  Rakushaasa summons 5 dead orgs and the 5 seniors take care of them to the tune of the Liveman theme.  Each Gaoranger, sans White take turns softening up Rakushaasa until they form the HajaHyakujuken.  He grows big and they call Gao Muscle.  Rakushaasa squeezes it into defeat and Gaorangers are back on the ground.  Then all 24 red mechas show up do their individual attacks.  Rakushaasa still stands so Gaorangers form Gao King.  With the spirit of 24 Megazords powering it, Gao King’s Super Animal Heart obliterates Rakushaasa.  Yabaiba and Tsue-Tsue flee in disbelief.  Blue and white tentacles shoot out, wraps them and Rakushaasa is reborn.  He simply takes back the power he gave them.  The team is stunned and he blasts all of them.  Gaorangers saying, “How can we beat him?”  The seniors are saying, you should know by now.  Red Falcon goes “Behold, the red heroes who led the sentai in the past!”  All 24 reds appear and pose.  Gaoranger releases their super sentai spirit.  Gao Red performs the Gaoranger storm and Rakushaasa is finally defeated.  Tetom refuses to believe they defeated the Fallen Highness but we know better.  Gao White pins the rose to Gao Red, he doesn’t know why.  Red swears to Gao Lion that they will protect the Earth.  An awesome ending song follows. 

My Final Opinion: 5/5
  • I loved it.  The Gaoranger cast is one of the most likeable one for me. 
  • I love the clip shows.  I loved how epic the music was at key parts. 
  • The ending theme song is just fabulous.  Everyone needs to watch it at least once. 
  • 24 red rangers doing their roll call is enough to make anyone stare in awe or laughter.

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