Sunday, October 23, 2011

Every Super Sentai Vs Movie since 2011 (except 199 heroes)

These are not meant to be detailed summaries of each movie (depends if I get carried away in typing), just me trying to explain what happened and if I liked it.

Gekiso Sentai Carranger Vs Choriki Sentai Ohranger (subbed by Gao Soul Forever)

A normal day at the garage for the team.  The Bowzock schemes to remodel Earth cars into “reckless cars”.  They accomplish this by filling the cars with alien gasoline, causing the cars to fly away.  A humanoid monster with a gas station for a stomach does this.  The team transforms, meets Signalman and tries to stop the monster.  By now the cars are flying away but Signalman sings to them while riding Red Racer’s red flying car and they return.  

Afterwards, Red Racer returns a car to its owner, discovers a hot spring and decides to use it.  He spots a Baranoia, thinks it’s a Bowzock.  OhRed and Blue arrive in pursuit of the Baranoia named Baramobile.  Baramobile flees, they give chase, Red Racer gets knocked down and gets stepped on the stomach by OhBlue.  They reach a beach, Red Racer asked who they are.  OhRed shows him a U.A.O.H. card, saying they are in the earth defense business.  Red Racer asked is it alright to step on someone’s stomach to defend the earth.  Baramobile sees this as an opportunity and shows Red Racer a wound to incite more pity and rage.  The rest of the Carrangers appear as well as OhGreen and Yellow.  Both teams say they defend the earth and tension forms between them.  Carrangers huddle and transforms.  The 4 Ohrangers also transforms.  Both teams criticize the other’s suits.  Carrangers thinks it won’t be a problem since it is 5 against 4.  Oh Pink arrives, transforms and both teams do their roll calls.  The fighting begins.  Baramobile tries to run.  Oh Red calls the mecha.  Red Racer hilariously says “They even have a robot” calls their mech.  An awesome mecha fight follows.  Oh Red leaves in the middle when he notices Baramobile getting away and Red Racer leaves as well.  An awesome Red vs Red fight scene follows.  Bowzock arrive and attacks Red Racer.  Red Racer calls his red car and drives off with Baramobile.  He soon learns that Baramobile is evil, stops and hands him off to Oh Red.  Bowzock tries to capture Baramobile and both reds start fighting Bowzock.  Rest of Carrangers arrive and fend them off but the Bowzock still captures Baramobile.  H Red gets on his motorcycle to give chase but soon finds himself flying.  The Bowzock monster reveals himself, fights and gets driven away by the Carrangers.  The rest of the Ohrangers arrive, asks where Oh Red is.  Angry to find out he’s been captured.  Oh Pink tells the chief. 

The chiefs confronts the Carrangers, tells them the only way to save Oh Red is for them to pilot Oh Robo.  He first trains them to become soldiers, Red Racer is the last to pass.  We see Oh Red held hostage, about to be turned into a human car hybrid.  Carrangers sans Red arrive but are captured.  Red Racer comes in the nick of time heroically and all leave using Oh Robo.  Both teams meet, do their roll call and kick butt back on Planet Earth.  Monsters grow, mechas are summoned.  Mechas win.  Both teams celebrate.

My Final Opinion: 5/5
  • This movie changed my view about Carranger instantly.  
  •  It was my first time seeing them and with the reputation of PR Turbo, I thought it was gonna be sucky weird, but WOW! 
  • They were funny and damn heroic.  They stood up for what they believed in and can keep up with a professional sentai team. 
  • First sentai Vs movie we actually see two teams fight, even with their mechas.  Awesome fight, funny plot and enemies.  I cannot recommend this enough.  You will be awed and have a great time watching!
  • It also might be because the quality of the video was so good; it was an .mkv file, that I thoroughly enjoyed watching.

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