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Every Super Sentai Vs Movie since 2011 (except 199 heroes)

These are not meant to be detailed summaries of each movie (depends if I get carried away in typing), just me trying to explain what happened and if I liked it.

GoGo Sentai Boukenger Vs Super Sentai (subbed by TV-Nihon)

The movie starts with Chronus meeting with Gaja in the dead of night.  Gaja gives him 3 Goadom Engines.  They agree to work together to defeat the Boukenger and take over Earth.  A figure in a red suit watches the exchange.  The Boukengers are called to action and confront Gaja and Chronus.  Chronus uses a spell to send them to a pocket dimension.  Bouken Silver is informed but before he can act, the figure in a red suit appears.  He introduces himself as Akared.  He was born from the wish for peace of the 30 red leaders of Super Sentai.  He tells Bouken Silver he will need help and gives him the Super Sentai Address Book.  

Bouken Silver firsts finds Magi Yellow in the middle of a boxing match.  He distracts the fights and gets escorted away by security.  He then finds Deka Break in disguise trying to bust a crime lord.  He gets tossed away in order to keep his disguise.  Gaja and Chronus go to the place where Magi Shine defeated Meemy.  He plans to revive 3 evil priestesses for unknown reasons.  The Boukengers find they are unable to henshin and summon their mecha.  Suddenly, Magi Shine appears before them.  Bouken Silver gets a call from Abare Black who now has a second child.  He says he heard what has happened from Akared and will head there as soon as he can.  Magi Shine explains they are in a sub space and Smokey is also there.  He says he found an exit but it won’t be easy getting out.  Bouken Silver finds Hurricane Blue but is held back by security.  He did manage to shout Hurricane Blue which got her attention.  Meemy is revived and is summoned by Chronus.  Bouken Silver gets frustrated, throws away the address book, notices Meemy and decides to go and try to save the Earth himself.  He transforms.  Chronus meets Meemy and tells her to help him take over the world.  Biuken Silver arrives and engages both of them but is beaten.  The four senior sentai appears and engages but is beaten due to lack of coordination.  Chronus and Meemy retreat.  

Magi Shine shows them the doorway back but it is protected by a barrier.  He cannot destroy it by himself so he hopes to use the Boukenger’s power but they are sealed.  Bouken Red activates Zuuban.  The second priestess, Tsue-Tsue is revived.  Back at the Boukenger base, Bouken Silver is angry that the senior sentai messed up.  Bouken Red manages to send a weak message to tell him to defeat Chronus and Gaja.  Bouken Silver promises to do it.  The senior sentai also promises to work better together and they all head out.  Akared meets them and says he will fill in for the red senshi till Bouken Red returns.  Magi Shine tells them they need to concentrate all their power on a single spot on the doorway to break it.  The sub-space is starting to collapse.  Chronus discovers that the last priestess is missing after being revived.  

The dream sentai team confronts them and performs a Goranger storm like attack using a Super Sentai ball on the Kaasu.  Zuuban and Smokey gets fired from the lamp and attacks the doorway.  This causes Chronus’ eyepiece to break and reveal the doorway to the dream sentai team.  Akared tells them to combine their powers and destroy it.  The villains try to stop them but Akared holds them off by turning into past red warriors.  Bouken Silver delivers the finishing blow to the dorrway and all make it out.  Akared hands over leadership to Bouken Red.  They roll call and engage.  They beat them and are about to finish it but the third priestess, Furabijo appears and blast them out of their suits.  

Chronus finally reveals his plan and turns the 3 priestesses into a staff.  He then turns big.  All henshin and Boukenger calls their mecha.  Chronus easily beats Ultimate Dai Bouken and Siren Builder.  Bouken Red calls Dai Voyager but even that is no match.  Akared tells the dream sentai team to lend him their power.  Bouken Silver gives hope, Magi Shine gives love, Magi Yellow gives courage, Deka Break gives justice, Abare Black gives passion and Hurricane Blue gives friendship.  Akared gives it to Dai Voyager and it receives an upgrade.  It attacks with 30 Super Sentai Souls and Chronus is defeated.  Boukengers say their thanks and bid farewell to their seniors.  A song plays.  Bouken Red asks Bouken Silver where Akared is and he replies he doesn’t know.  Boukenger are summoned again to fight.  Akared watches over them in space and states he will sleep.

My Final Opinion: 3/5
  • From the moment I saw Operation Overdrive, I just could not bring myself to like the suits.  The same here.
  • I really did not care for the story concerning the Boukenger cast.  I never really watched the whole thing till now.  I always skipped to the team up.
  • Akared is awesome, shame he only got limited screen time.  
  • This was not as good as the 25th anniversary.  Even the song at the end pales in comparison.
  • In my count, this movie makes Hurricane Red as the red senshi who appears in the most Vs movies of all time.

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