Monday, October 24, 2011

Every Super Sentai Vs Movie since 2011 (except 199 heroes)

These are not meant to be detailed summaries of each movie (depends if I get carried away in typing), just me trying to explain what happened and if I liked it. 

Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger Vs Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger (subbed by Midnight Crews Sub)

The film starts with the Dekarangers being called to a disturbance.  It is revealed that the Abarangers are causing it.  Both teams fight, with the Abarangers claiming the real enemy is getting away.  They spot a crow flying and the Abarangers steal their police car to chase it.  They launch the car up in the air using an elevated platform but fail to catch it.  AbareYellow takes pictures of it.  The car falls safely and they get arrested.  In jail, the Dekarangers learn who they really are and Deka Master orders them to take the 3 to the detective room.  They learn the enemy is named Kazakh.  Abarangers say they were contacted by their friend who owns a curry restaurant. Abare Blue and Yellow stay in the base, Blue to cure Deka Master while Yellow explores Space technology.  Abrella supplies Kazahk with Saunaeelgingko.  He is able to revive dead monsters but his gingko batteries are gone.  

Both reds head to the CEO of Dino Curry, Fatsiaphoneadile and learn he has the gingko nuts.  Kazahk, disguised as a rug appears and takes the nuts.  Both reds engage but are beaten.  Kazahk wants to revive Dezmozorlya, the Abaranger’s final bad guy.  He hand the nuts to Saunaeelgingko, tells him to prepare and leaves.  Deka Master calls Deka Red and tells him alienizers are attacking at 2 places and that the others have already split up.  Deka Blue, Green and Break along with Abare Blue confront Genio while Deka Yellow and Pink along with Abare Yellow confronts Succubus.  After some difficulties, they defeat them and a piece of a red orb is left.  Both reds are quarreling over why Aba Red answered his phone during the last fight, it is revealed the Aba Red made a promise to his daughter to call her before her audition.  Kazahk takes advantage and tosses them off the building.  Deka Red holds on to Aba Red.  Kazahk steps on Aba Red’s right hand and they and dangerously close to falling.  Deka Red shoots Kazahk away and Aba Red throws Deka Red up.  They fight as a team but are still beaten until Abare Black shows up and Kazahk retreats. 

Saunaeelgingko finishes his preparations and his fog has covered the whole world.  Light shoots out from the orb fragments and both teams follow them to a cave.  The ground shakes and Kazahk emerges with many old foes.  All engages.  Kazahk shows off his shapshifting abilities by turning into Director Numa-O to fool Deka Red and Hurricane Red to fool the Abarangers.  A blast knocks all of them out of their suits.  The sky darkens and the gates of hell opens.  Everyone is expecting Dezmozorlya but out comes AbareKiller and TopGaler.  Saunaeelgingko is confused because he thought he revived the strongest guy in hell but that happens to be AbareKiller.  Kazahk tells him to do it again but Deka Master stops him.  All henshin, roll call and engages.  They beat all and blast all.  Saunaeelgingko dies and grows while Kazahk gets in a huge robot.  They call their mechas and beat them.  AbareKiller fades away and both teams celebrate.

My Final Opinion: 2/5
  • Not as bad as the last one but nothing special happened. 
  • They were never really in danger during the mecha fight, which was a first.
  • The story was unmemorable and I did not really care for it.

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