Monday, October 24, 2011

Every Super Sentai Vs Movie since 2011 (except 199 heroes)

These are not meant to be detailed summaries of each movie (depends if I get carried away in typing), just me trying to explain what happened and if I liked it. 

Mahou Sentai Magiranger Vs Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (subbed by TV-Nihon)

It starts with the Magiranger celebrating an occasion that only happens once every ten years in a restaurant.  Suddenly, an alienizer with the ability to transport things he eats lifts up the restaurant.  The Dekarangers sans Deka Red head out.  Deka Pink was inside the restaurant waiting for Deka Green for a date.  She transforms and helps out in subduing the alienizer.  The restaurant is safely on the ground when the alienizer is suddenly destroyed by Babon.  He confronts the Dekarangers.  He absorbs their laser fire and throws it back at them.  The Magiranger shows up and helps out.  Magi Red was about to deliver the final blow but Deka Red with Battlelizer shows up interrupts him.  Deka Red fires a beam attack and Babon is thought to be destroyed.  The Battlelizer is revealed to be Murphy.  Deka Pink explains he should not use beam attacks on Babon.  Babon revives, reenergized and blasts all of them.  He takes Magi Blue hostage.  Deka Yellow jumps into the Madou Circle in time.  Both reds argue and trade blows before they are subdued and everyone agrees to work together.  

The villain behind all this is Agent X, Agent Abrella’s successor.  He calls them and demands the Flower of Heaven in exchange for Magi Blue.  Deka Yellow tries to stop them but gets captured as well.  Magiranger does not know what the Flower of Heaven is.  Deka Swan appears and tells them the Flower of Heaven is a jewel that belonged to their mother.  A flashback reveals that the jewel will suck the love out of humans on that day every ten years and it must be surrounded by love to prevent it from happening.  MagiMother tries to give it to DekaSwan and Master but they refused.  Deka Green comes up with a plan to dress up Deka Break and Magi Shine as women to fool Babon and rescue the hostages.  They head to the meeting place.  Babon is indeed fooled and the hostages get rescued.  Unfortunately, Babon pulls off their wigs and the plan is ruined.  He blasts all of them and obtains the Flower of Heaven.  Both reds run off to fight and Magi Red gets the Flower of Heaven.  Agent X shows himself, blasts them out of their suits and takes the Flower of Heaven.  Deka Master saves both Reds from a blast and henshins.  Wolzard shows up, tells Agent X to go.  They duel as the island collapses and everyone escapes.  No winner is determined.  Agent X in a mecha fires a beam powered by the Flower of Heaven from space to cause everyone on Earth to lose love.  

Both teams agree to work together, henshins and gets in their mechas.  They blast him back to Earth and destroy his mecha.  He flees the mecha and confronts them.  They roll call and engage.  The Flower of Heaven glows, and a miracle called Blizzard of Light that only happens once in a thousand years occurs.  It powers up their weapons and they all blast Agent X and Babon, defeating them.  Both teams celebrate.

My Final Opinion: 4/5
  • I liked Mystic Force and I liked SPD, so I was excited when I was about to watch this.
  • I skipped the story parts and went straight to seeing the team ups, something which the Power Ranger version never did.
  • It was a fine movie.  I did not care for the story up to the time I wrote this where I had to really watch but it was fine.  Though the cross dressing was downright disturbing.
  • The mecha battle not being the finale was a nice change of pace.  It was probably to showcase the Battlelizer alongside Legend Mode.
  • Deka Master Vs Wolzard was just EPIC!  Sentai needs more of these kinds of duels.

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