Monday, October 24, 2011

Every Super Sentai Vs Movie since 2011 (except 199 heroes)

These are not meant to be detailed summaries of each movie (depends if I get carried away in typing), just me trying to explain what happened and if I liked it. 

Engine Sentai Go-Onger Vs Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger (subbed by TV-Nihon)

The movie starts with Geki Red fighting Nunchuck Banki.  Geki Yellow and Blue appear and they all fight him together.  Nunchuck Banki uses Rinjyuken and the Gekiranger are surprised.  He sends them to another dimension.  The Go-Onger arrives.  Nunchuck Banki deals with them using Rinjyuken and goes to the other dimension.  Geki Violet and Chopper appear and mistakenly attack them.  They soon realize the mistake.  They learn who they are and go see Master Shafu about how a machine was able to use Rinjyuken.  They get acquainted and Master Shafu theorizes they must be after the Doukokugan.  The Gekirangers are having a hard time with Nunchuck Banki due to the power of justice being halved in the sub space.  Master Shafu sends the rest in to help.  They arrive in time and all get acquainted.  They all fight uguts.  Gekirangers use geki waza and sends Nunchuck Banki flying away.  Go-Onger show off their engine soul but Nunchuck Banki suddenly appears and uses a magnet to steal them.  Gaiark appears as well as a Rinjyuken survivor, Mad Engineer.  He plans on using the Doukokugan but gets angry at Nunchuck Banki seeing as how he got the Engine Souls instead.  He proposes a trade.  Geki Red accepts but is double crossed and loses both.  Both teams try to retaliate but Mad Engineer sends them flying out of the sub-space.  

Go-Ongers are depressed but soon ask for training in Jyuken and Gekirangers accept.  Mad Engineer tries to fit the Doukokugan into Nunchuck Banki like an Engine Soul but finds the shape is wrong.  He then proceeds to hammer it into the right shape.  The training begins.  Go-On Red is told to wipe the side of a building with a rag straight up, Go-On Black and Yellow is told to catch leaves falling and Go-On Blue and Green is told to play piano with their feet.  The Doukokugan is finally in the right shape and is inserted in Nunchuck Banki and he is now powered up.  The training is not going well.  Nunchuck Banki appears and causes havock.  Go-On Red wants to fight but knows he needs to train.  Go-On Gold and Silver tells him to train while they go and handle it.  It is revealed they learned Jyuken at a young age.  The others are getting better with their training except Go-On Red while the Go-On Wings are beaten.  Go-On rushes off, saying he’ll save Speedor his way.  He saves the Go-On Wings.  He gains Geki even though he abandoned his training because of his feelings for Speedor.  Geki Red congratulates him and joins the fight.  The other villains appear as well as the other senshis.  They all show off their new Engine-Ken and retrieved their engine souls.  Both reds beat Nunchuck Banki.  The Go-On Wings feel an evil will and hear someone calling to them.  

The Mad Engineer is the only one left.  As they prepare to finish him off, Nunchuck Banki’s body revives with an explosion and out comes Long.  Master Shafu meets the Go-On Wings and recognizes them as students of another master.  Long blasts them all out of suit.  Master Shafu and Go-On Wings use HiDen Geki Waza to revive Rio and Mele.  Long enters Nunchuck Banki’s body and transforms into a 5 headed dragon monster.  All henshin and roll call.  They all beat down and blast both Long and Mad Engineer.  The latter dies while Long grows.  All summon their mecha.  Engine-O G9 and GekiRinTouja Wolf get beaten up.  They form Engine-O G12 and SaiDaiGekiRinTouja and finally defeat Long.  Rio and Mele fade away and both teams party, literally.

My Final Opinion: 4/5
  • This featured the most on screen henshin ever with 14 senshis.
  • I never liked RPM suit design and the only tolerable one was Go-On Red, due to always seeing the red senshi being used to represent the respective series.
  • Gekiranger cast was good as always, Go-Onger was meh.
  • Great fight scenes, although the Engine-O G9 and 12 sort of overshadowed the mecha fight scenes.  Thing is freaking huge compared to Geki mecha.
  • I won’t give it a 5 since it did not really make that much of an impact to me as the others but still a good movie.

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