Sunday, October 23, 2011

Every Super Sentai Vs Movie since 2011 (except 199 heroes)

These are not meant to be detailed summaries of each movie (depends if I get carried away in typing), just me trying to explain what happened and if I liked it. 

Choriki Sentai Ohranger Vs Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (subbed by Gao Soul Forever)

Opening scene, the king bad guy and his son are arguing over who can defeat the rangers, so they have a contest.  They get right to it, attacking the Ohrangers.  Ohrangers gets their butts kicked by powered up foot soldiers and they get their suits wet cause they were fighting on a waterfall.  I wonder how often that happens.  They drag themselves out and encounter the king and his son with their respective monsters.  The son makes his monster grow so naturally the Ohrangers morph and call their mecha the Ohranger Robo.  Now what follows just astounds me to no end.  The son’s monster, which is probably the cheapest design ever, takes everything and anything the Ohrangers hit it with.  The son virtually created an indestructible foe no Sentai team can hope to defeat.  Swords, beams or melee attacks just don’t work.  Eventually, the Ohrangers retreat.  

The king’s wife and two other minion act as judge for the contest and give the son 100 points each for a total of 300 points.  Too low in my opinion.  The king says just you wait for what I’m gonna do which was pretty good as well.  His monster has the ability to take control of the Rangers mecha by shooting some kind of mechanism towards it.  Just like that, no more mecha to rely on.  The Ohranger Robo eventually goes berserk and the Ohrangers use OhBlocker to try and stop it.  For this, the king gets 200 points each.  Then the son’s monster just teleports inside OhBlocker’s cockpit and kicks the Ohrangers out.  That monster is really cheap.  Soon the son gets 200x3=600 points for a total of 900 points.  Then the son says, let’s make the robots fight.  Well what would you do with two giant robots?  So they fight and trash Tokyo at the same time.  Then Gunmazin’s key falls from the sky, no idea who that is, but apparently it’s another giant robot.  A hilarious scene ensues where he tries to calm the two robots by talking to them.  Obviously it doesn’t work, the son’s monster shows him a ghostly image and he runs away, apparently scared of ghosts.  

Then, they are called to a replica western town where they meet Ninja Red and White.  Their chief called them in to help with the crisis.  I never knew Ninja Red was a pervert.  So the son’s monster leaves OhBlocker to harass OhYellow and Pink, I’m not kidding.  Pink runs away to tell the others while Ninja red and white fight the monster but it’s a substitution.  Red, Blue and Green take back OhBlocker.  The monster is really after Pink and disguised himself as a driver of the car Pink is on.  So he stops the car and prepares to defile her with its tongue.  But then, a girl appears and offers to take her place because they saved her baby brother earlier, the monster accepts because she’s younger, wtf!  He traps both of them in a Ferris wheel.  Ninja red and white saves her.  Monster is angry, attacks both of them and tongues Ninja white for a while.  Other Kakuranger arrive and save her.  Monster takes younger girl as hostage.  

Ohranger arrives and saves the younger girl.  They line up and do their roll call.  They fight and win.  What’s interesting is we probably see every single special attack the Ohranger can perform.  Strange though how if one doesn’t work, they show no remorse or fear, they just get on to next big finisher.  It’s like they crammed everything into this movie.  Both monsters grow big.  Sadly, the Kakuranger do not call their mechas.  Ohranger call Blocker Robos and push the monsters back.  The wife says the king and son should cooperate so they do.  Both monsters fuse (bad idea).  They form OhBlocker and do their finisher which did not work (probably to show the footage of the finisher).  They call Ohranger Robo, Red Puncher and Tackle Boy.  The Tackle Boy becomes a wheel and three robots play pass the wheel around before Ohblocker tosses it to the monster and defeats him.  All rangers celebrate beneath the shadow of the 4 Ohranger robos.  Kakuranger leaves in their bus and movie ends.

My Final Opinion: 2/5
  • I did not really enjoy watching the whole thing
  • The saving grace was the humor and seeing all the Ohranger attacks
  • What was going through my mind was, “This is meant for kids in Japan?”  Disgusting!

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